I'm new to gas bikes.

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  1. trashman 793

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    Hi all my name is Carl A.K.A. trashman,I'm in St.Catharines Ontario.Just got my gas bike in Dec.Nuttinbut probs since.Should have joined here first but did not know such a site exsisted.So heres some of my story,put engine on bike myself (shoulda paid to have put on).Therefore nothing but probs,nuts stripping,bike tubes to big,instructions say how to adapt but no pics.Call guy i buy engine from he no help i think he in it for the money not the ride.He say read instructions (duh i read them even though there in english they are still in some chinese guys words LOL)So i change bikes,now engine fit on frame but can't get clutch right.Put bike on back burner going through web site after web site on how to set up clutch.Find one set it up then no start.Then i think i gave up electric bike for this.Go to trouble shooting in manual says check spark plug,proceed to do so and wire comes out in my hand (what i said is not allowed on the forum LOL).Phone guy again i got engine from he bring me new cdi.(not new off his bike,batting a thousand here now LOL).Put on new cdi vroom i'm riding again,so i thought got caught in rain storm and now again bike won't start.Also can't say here what i told the guy i buy engine from,(he forgot to mention weatherizing the engine).Now What?

  2. professor

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    Hi Carl, sounds like the spark got drowned out. Does it have a spark?
  3. trashman 793

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    no spark at all,with plug grounded on frame.
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    Where do you ride where you dont get in trouble or hassled by cops?
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    I live in St.Catharines Ontario.Cops are not interested in bike as of yet they call it good idea lol