Jackshaft jackshaft\shift kit

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  1. Spitfyre

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    I've been thinking about puting a home made jackshaft on my bike but have no idea how to make one. sickbikeparts has the shift kit for $180.00 more then my motor kit. my motor is a black stallion 80cc. anyone have any ideas on where to get one for le$$ or how to make one thanks:D
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  2. NiteSpy

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    If your into welding you could weld a bmx bottom bracket to the frame that would house bearings to hold a 5/8" shaft with #41 sprocket on the left and a 5/8" freewheel adapter for a freewheel on the right next to a #40 sprocket to drive the back wheel

    or even grab one of these kits

    you would just then need a bottom bracket to house it in then weld it on the frame.
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  3. the freewheel adapter will cost you another $75+ on top of that $30.
  4. Hawaii_Ed

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    Just can not beat the value for the SBP kit. The engines are cheap-china junk, can not compare the cost of those to one of the shift kits. They are quality made. :)
  5. pdxrhett

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    Well, here is my idea for a shift kit. Pretty self explanatory in my opinion.

    Just find a metal working warehouse/company and ask them to make a sprocket to fit on the left side of the bottom bracket. You could then find a way to get a freewheel and keep your pedals, but it might be easier to just drill the frame (the lower stays on the back) and fab up some pegs (like the old scooterguy setups).
  6. Hawaii_Ed

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    Sounds like a piece of cake. I am sure there are lots of places that will be happy to fab that up for less than $200, plus figure out the freewheel too. :whistling:

    A friend of mine took his spocket into a machine shop to enlarge the hole. They charged $40 for that alone. :shout:
  7. NiteSpy

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    I bought mine for 12 dollars plus shipping not on ebay either or cyclone sells one
    Not questioning SBP's integrity or anything its a clean kit very universal, but a 60 dollar setup caught my attention for the same results more or less plus the individual's who've already accomplish this feet.
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  8. please post link for cheap china junk jackshaft kit to match my cheap china motor.

    no need to put a mercedes transmission on a ford.

    i dont need one anyway,i have a single speed.
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  9. Hawaii_Ed

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    Some have messed with this one:

    But it is just the jackshaft, still need to fab up the mounts, plus the freeweel, and a lock collar, plus the free wheel, or delete the pedals. I agree it can be done, and wish you guys all the best! Keep us posted with pics and all of the build, will love to see the finished results. These kits are all about DYI :)
  10. NiteSpy

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    I don't really understand the analogy cabinfever but ok. If anything a SBP kit would be a Mercedes Tranmisson on a Ford as the Kit cost more than a china kit. Anyways Thanks Hawaii Ed for the good words anythings possible, I figured that's what the founders of MB did before there were kits.
  11. cspaur13

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    Graucho had a good idea for one. sturdy and solid. i ended up buying all the parts to make one for my new build. theres no way it will break and it looks nice. You take two 3/4" or 5/8" pillow block bearings then buy a 3/4" or 5/8" jackshaft rod then 2 3/4' or 5/8" shaft collars than your sprockets.
    go to my motorized bike forum and go under 4 strokes and look at the pictures of it.
    the link is in my signature.

  12. duivendyk

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    The question Spitfyre is the following,is this a means to an end? or is the actual designing&tinkering what really turns you on.Do you have a background in metal working and more importantly do you have the needed equipment and, if you don't have a wellequipped shop,are you persistent and a glutton for punishment,with time on your hands.
  13. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    check out the DIY Jackshaft / Shift Kit / Freewheel Thread
  14. Al.Fisherman

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    :nono::nono: Try on top of $44.24 (think shipping). I'm thinking about going from a cruiser to a multi speed bike (4th build 2 engines) so I can mount a jackshaft kit. I'm reading thread after thread about how good they are, not only for a choice of gears but to cut the RPM's on the engine down thus a prolonged life...hopefully. Although there might be a problem there. As, I ride it at the moment, I'm riding just above the power band (the point that the engine smooths out), and well you will understand reading my requirements

    Looking at the 3 kits that SBP has, I eliminated the top model (actual product is the same as the mid priced except for tools), as I don't need any tools.

    In a quandary as to which one to get of the remaining two. Here is my requirements.... I have a 80cc standard clutch engine. I weigh 210#, I don't ride the bike as constant transportation (it's a toy). I live in Birmingham, AL and hills won't be a factor as my present set-up does quite well all things considering. I don't horse around ie dog the c*ap out of it. And MOST of all I'm not looking for speed (this is where my concern as to the power band is) as my present set-up hoofs along FASTER then I really want to go on a bicycle. I've had enough mishaps in the past 62 years, I don't need to add another one, besides it's taking longer then it used to heal this well used and abused body:grin5:.

    Would the $159.00 (bottom line) kit serve my purpose or should I really upgrade. Would like to hear from those that have/has the bottom of the line kit and hear as to how they are holding up for you. I want something that will be good for sometime even tho the engines are and c*ap out....I don't have a problem replacing a engine every now and then.

    Why I ever got into these motored bikes is beyond me....but they are sure fun.
  15. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Currently the ONLY difference between the Standard kit and HD is the HD White Freewheel (HD FW). The standard kit comes with a Dicta FW that generally works fine for lighter folks who have stock engines. The HD FW can stand up to kick starting, high compression, etc.

    Regardless we do warranty the Standard Dicta FW, and you can always upgrade later.
  16. spad4me

    spad4me Member

    How long is the standard dicta freewheel
  17. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    60 days. We have replaced some outside that window as well.
  18. Al.Fisherman

    Al.Fisherman Active Member

    Pablo...thanks. So as you say the only difference at this time is the the HDFW. So if I want to upgrade at a later time, the HDFW will be what $69.95 + ship? And I will have essentially a HD shift kit.
  19. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Yes. Same thing.
  20. Nitropeewee

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    I put a sbp shift kit onmy single speed beach cruiser and liked it alot better than the stock set up for sure. Now ive put a shimono inter 7 rear hub with drum brake. WOW!!! Crawl up any hill in 1st and run 40 in 7th no problem and tops out at 44!!! Thats miles per hour! Scarry on a green line beach cruiser but about 1000 times more fun!!