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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Guest, Apr 26, 2007.

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    I took my bike on a short ten minute break-in/ nut and bolt loosening ride, then after taking off the defective kill switch, I went around the block (21 miles) for the boneshaker, er, I mean shakedown cruise.....

    I've ridden A LOT of two wheeled vehicles, both powered and unpowered.
    This thing make a LOT of noise!!! I don't mean it's LOUD, I mean that in a good way.

    My big V-Twin (notaharley) rumbles the chest. My Vino scooter (50cc's) buzzes along smooth as silk at 10,000rpm's. My cruiser bicycle barely makes a sound, except for the weird little squeak that comes from the handlebars when I'm really leaning on it, and the swish swish swish of the tires as I peddle.

    But on this motoredbike I can hear the intake drone, the exhaust buzz, the chain/fenders/chainguard/seat springs/everything else singing and rattling, not to mention my knobby tires humming away.

    This bike is the definition of the word "euphony".

    I thought the whole neighborhood (a misnomer if there ever was one, it's really just three vacant houses and a pig farm waaay down the road) could hear me, but Mrs. Joe said she never heard me coming down the road, only saw me smiling from a 1/4 mile away....

    Motoredbikes, where have you been all my life?

  2. I know what you mean. It seems the way the engine just clamped to the frame vibrates everything. All the parts a singing like a bunch of off key tuning forks.
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    An update is due here....augi clued me in to the fact that I had my chain tensioner on the wrong way 'round, so I took time between the thunderstorms to correct it's positioning. Moving the tensioner quieted that down considerably.

    I also doublechecked everything else and found the handlebars a bit loose- I never checked them when I adjusted the gooseneck, they were already positioned nicely. I also found the the two reflectors make some noise and I "adjusted" those so they don't shake as much.

    I had an idea for some other stuff to make the bike quieter, but the rain had stopped and the wind was only blowing about 15 or 20 mph in gusts, so I went for a ride. It was a little quieter and also the sounds were now primarily the intake, exhaust and "misc. rattles" in that order of intensity. Man, with the full factory baffle in there, you can barely hear the exhaust "note", it's mostly the intake sounds I'm hearing!
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    This "exhaust note" your talking about... What would it sound like if one were to hear it?

    My bike is pretty quiet, a nice thumpy sound when idling and slow speeds, and a sweet deep buzz with the high speeds. but I also notice this quiet whistle sound coming from somewhere lower on the bike, it gets louder at high speeds, and is always the same pitch. Or could be some air leak somewhere, never know.

    other than the engine sound, nothing else on the bike makes a sound, always been silent, not even a brake squeal or handlebar squeek. lol

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    I think I'll use some of that spray foam and fill my whole bike with it, that and use some adhesive backed foam tape for the inside of the chaingard! :lol:

    You make your bike sound like a moped! It's really quiet? I can't imagine all that bling NOT rattling a bit. :lol: