Junster's first build

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  1. Junster

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    Been on it constantly for 3 days now, way fun.





    SBP bolt/stud kit, fuel petcock;
    (duel pull brake lever, half link, viton carb O-ring,
    Teflon Clutch Cable should be here Monday)

    Maniac Mechanic copper exhaust gasket

    Stainless Sproket Bolts w/Nylock Nuts

    New Yellow Silicone Plug wire

  2. crazeehorse

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    it looks great. looks like a solid setup. if you want to make your clutch lever a little easier to pull, you can remove the small return spring on the cable. there's really no need for it, & it sure makes it easy on your hand.
  3. Zev0

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    Lookin' good bud.
  4. Junster

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    Really? I don't need that spring? Nice, I'll remove it when my new clutch cable gets here Monday. That frame couldn't have been easier to build on. Everything touching the frame is inner tube padded. I used weatherstrip cement to glue the tube pieces to the mounts etc. before mounting. What do you think of the CDI placement?
  5. Junster

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    Oh and I don't know if you can tell in the pic but I only used 1 rubber sprocket pad. Just on the inside. The center hole in my sprocket fit that shimano hub nearly perfect with it tight against the spokes. Also with the sprocket tight to the hub there is no wobble at all. It forced the spokes on that side out just a little but they needed a little tightening anyway. The chain clears the tire by about an 1/8" Think this setup will give me any problems? I have about 50 miles on it so far.
  6. crazeehorse

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    it should be fine as long as the wheel is true, if not just secure a match stick, or a paper clip to the chain stay for a reference, & adjust the spokes until it runs true.
  7. biken stins

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    Very Nice. Looks good and sounds like you did it right. Rear sprocket looks great.
    You can take the clutch arm off it's spline and move it in a bit for easier pull also.
    The CDI Looks good there. Don't like the idea of hot wires near the tank. Murphy's Law.
    Great work.
  8. Cool who is the distributer of your pipe and engine kit there. The heat shrouded and all. Power king? Looks and sound nice. I built a blue Skykomish a year ago for a guy he loves it.
  9. Junster

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    I purchased from Zoombicycles I think they are PowerKing on Ebay. The Skykomish was sure an easy fit. I bought the bike at a garage sale for $30 but I looked them up, they are sold thru Costco. They have pretty good hardware esp the Wheels for a not "top of the line/brand" bike. I noticed your in Kelso Hotdog, I'm in Longview.
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  10. Junster

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    New Updates

    Just a couple more pics of some new stuff.. This is way fun.





  11. layboomo

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    Hi I noticed you omitted the chain guard which I'm thinking about as well since it's such a POS.
  12. Tinsmith

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    Nice look. Thanks for listing the different parts you used and the explanations. That's what makes this site so good. Be careful, at your age .....