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  1. kcmcf

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    Hello all not sure if this the place this but here we go anyway.
    Just got my live fast kit yesterday. un packed every thing found that the tension pully was broke so called them today said he would ship out a better one.

    put the gear on rear that is a chore good thing my 10 year old son was helping me ( small hands and fingers ) put tire back on bike then went to put motor on. after a few choice word's i found that i couldn't use it on my giant mountain bike so now am looking for another bike to put it on.

    will see how it go's in a few day's

    later all


  2. miller450r

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    Which kit did you buy? rack mount? Frame? which motor? I have a live fast kit coming
  3. kcmcf

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    frame mount 48 cc. look's like a good basic kit from what i can tell so far will find out how it runs when i find a diff. bike to put it on!!!!!!!!!
  4. Alaskavan

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    Perhaps you could enlighten us about why you can't use the Giant. Just curious.