just got my sd stinger kit

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by tone2crazy, May 25, 2011.

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    i just opened up the kit i ordered from bikemotorkit.com. the parts are much better quality then i was expecting like the bearing in the tension roller. i was expecting a straight plug motor, but i dont mind since it is black, so it will go well with my bikes color scheme. also the packaging seemed very flimsy.

    couldn't find much about them. so i thought i would share my first impressions. i will make a build thread, with pics, once i have time to work on it.


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    well the pos tensioner bent once the engine turned on. destroying the spokes on my wheel. im gonna make my own tensioner, and use the roller from this one. probably be a few days b4 i finish. dont have the extra money for a new back wheel right now. at least it gives me time to put some brakes on it.