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    Hey all..
    can anyone recommend a heavy duty kick stand for my Shwinn ? The one I have now is the worst kickstand in bike falls over and over and over and over..
    Ive been looking at some online and I'm sure they hold the bike sturdy at park but what about when i go around turns ? Trying to find one with a good rating that doesn't drag on turns too bad.

    Rock Jaw

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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Sure. A double-legged center stand is a good way to go. A number of the vendors on this site carry them.

    You might want to be sure to get one with adjustable leg lengths. I've got one that doesn't adjust and, to my intense annoyance, found that it wasn't quite long enough.

    But here's some bad news. Motorized bikes are a bit top heavy. Especially if you have cargo racks with some weight on them. Even a good center stand needs to be watched. On a windy day, for instance, you have to park carefully and still keep an eye on your bike.
  3. darwin

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    Say Rockie, avoid a center stand brand by m-wave they're junk. I've had good luck with the sun center stand from niagracycleworks. Don't ever hop on it with the stand down though you'll spread the legs from your weight.
  4. butterbean

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    Google crow cycles. They've got a really nice heavy duty center stand with adjustable legs.
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    Here's something to keep in mind, if your control cables are routed under the BB the black heavy-duty dual-foot kickstand from CrowCycles won't work.I bought one when he first opened, it is designed for cruisers, have yet to be able to use it... anyone want to buy one never used (wink)?
  7. V 35

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    Here's my opinion .... Sun Lite dual leg = May want to add spacer, so it sits lower, a bit too short for my Kevlar Tired Cruisers,
    otherwise, an excellent stand. Massload = Good design, one flaw, legs tend to retract when stand is retracted [ riding ]
    Crow Cycle Adj. Stand = Great stand, once you've fine tuned it . All 2 leg stands look like they will steal ground clearance, but in reality, the pedals grind first .
  8. Rockjaw

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    awesome..V35 ..what did you use for a spacer on the Sun Lite dual leg?
  9. V 35

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    I used a big square washer, I think it is used for fence guy wires, the Electric company uses something similar.
    My guess is, rove Tractor Supply especially the Fencing Section. Cool Parts are * Where * you find them .
    I'd consider using two, one top, one bottom, and ' sandwich ' in some PC 7 Epoxy paste for a formed in place bushing
    Upgrade to a longer, Grade 8 bolt
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  11. Rockjaw

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    ok awesome ..will try that ;)
  12. Fabian

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    This is the original specification centre stand


    and the modified version with longer home made aluminium kickstand leg extensions, for an extra 4 inches of lift; enabling the rear wheel to be dropped out of the frame, without having to put the bike on it's side, should you need to change or fix an inner tube.

  13. Rockjaw

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    nice! ..yeah i ordered one like that ..hopefully is stands good ;) thanks! RJ
  14. jhammondcpa

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    I just put this on my project today, works nice and looks good! New Stand 2014.jpg
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    Yes,Ill buy it...Im in much Ya need?
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    I just got it today and bought it from for about $23.