Sprockets left side freewheel? anyone know how to set that up?

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by jatgm1, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. jatgm1

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    although i do like my bike as it is, i think it would be interesting to open up a discussion on how one would add a freewheel to your bike on the left side, as well as the right. you would probably have much less resistance when pedaling. has anyone done it?

  2. KCvale

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    Do you have a pull start?
    If not, how do you intend to start it?
    You won't have any pedal help if the back sprocket freewheels.
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  3. butre

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    you would need a different starting mechanism such as a pull start.
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  5. HeadSmess

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    hub also needs to be threaded to take freewheel. pretty sure it has to be left handed... flip flop hubs are no good, both threads are the same hand, as they are meant for driving from the right hand side.

    fairly common on some of the four stroke kits, bit of a hassle on the two strokes.
  6. KCvale

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    One note about a freewheel drive sprocket, you better make darn sure you have really good brakes, especially going downhill, you won't have any engine braking.
  7. Nanonevol

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    Someone will eventually come up with a left side drive hub with internal gears and provision to lock for starting without having to stop and get off the bike. Putting a gas motor on a bicycle is kind of a bad and dangerous (any of you wear helmets?) idea to begin with in my opinion. It's no fun to pedal unassisted with a 25 lb motor and dragging an extra chain around. I suppose it's only for emergencies when the motor fails or fuel runs out.
  8. HeadSmess

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    best idea so far in that regard was the pinned rear sprocket. need to disconnect the engine cus of mechanical issues? just remove the clevis pin between sprocket and hub...

    and no, noone will develop anything quite like an internal hub for commercial release as the market is limited, people wont spend a few hundred dollars on a hub for their budget motorised bike, profit will be negligible. if you want gears and an engine, you get a motorbike. do you know how HARD it is to manufacture internal gears? it is nothing like making standard gears. the required tooling is expensive. very expensive. then they need to be hardened. ground. assembled...

    will you really fork out $1500 or more for a hub? you could go buy a scooter for about the same price and be legal... considering that they are being banned left right and centre, or require some type of registration... it wont happen.

    you said it yourself. putting an engine on a bicycle is bad...is dangerous!
  9. KCvale

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    Bicycle parts won't change but engine kits can

    If you want to run a left side freewheel drive with a way to start it, this might be cool.


    It has an electric start as well as a pull start, and an oil bath centrifugal clutch.

    They contacted me to buy a sample kit so what the heck, it already in the air Fed-Ex.
    My point is, kits will adapt to bikes, bikes won't adapt to kits ;-}
  10. skyash

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    That's the motor the shop was going to get I can't believe you found one I've looked for the everywhere
  11. KCvale

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    I didn't find the engine, it found me, they solicited me to buy a kit and try it, they want me to buy a bunch.
    We'll see about that next week when I have time to play with it ;-}
  12. skyash

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    Same deal with the shop tdrmoto thay hit him up but I don't think he wants them or can be bothered trying. I just like to know if thay go good out the box then all the battery stuff is a bonus. Did you have eny idea to the price of the kit?
  13. KCvale

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    I am not allowed to talk price yet.
    I am trying to decide what bike to put it on but I've highjacked this Left Side Freewheel topic enough.
    The point was made.
  14. bakaneko

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    I believe there is a free wheel in the BikeBerry 4-stroke transmission for tapered shafts for those folks with 4-strokes.
  15. Legwon

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    BGF on Ebay had some yrs ago.. not sure if he still does.
    i got one. hub and freewheel.
    i was thinking of doing the same thing... pull start, centrifugal clutch etc . just havnt gotten around to it yet.
  16. Lynn@custommotoredbicycles.com, recently built a beautiful freewheel left side drive bike. It has a drum brake on a front telescopic fork and rim brake rear. I am going to go that way soon. I am so accustomed to kicking the crank around at a stop for best pedal position for restart. It takes a bit of forethought to achieve a effortless takeoff with coaster brakes.
  17. Guest Noob

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    Staton, Inc sells hubs with left sided freewheels and sprockets.