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lets go!



ok just came across this site after looking at random utube videos and am now very keen on the idea of building a 24" wheel motor cruiser!
im a mechanic of a cycle shop and have played with fuel systems on cars so very confident with the help of this cool site.
im from the uk so my choice of kits are between the cheapy chinese ebay kit that will cost me about $280 or the starfire next gen gt2 from www.transformercycles.com that will set me back about $440.
any help choosing between these two please would be good.
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Welcome to MBc. If the ebay seller is U.S. based, it could effect waranty issues.


I think you are really gonna like this place. Looks like that is just the standard happtimechineesetwostrokegrubee.com bicycle engine sole in GReat Britain Glad you found the tribe and welcome from the Giant Side of Texas!
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