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    This is the second clam shell sprocket i ordered after i had my last one on for about 3 days before the bolts became sheared off left in the clam shell i tried drilling them out with no luck so i ordered another one and got some more bolts from a marine hardware store down here. i noticed they had become loose even after tightening the **** out of them. i'm thinking now i should have tried putting crazy glue on them before installing them. only one of the bolts broke off into the one i had now after i realized i was downtown ten miles from home where i had my tools. i went and bought myself my third set of hex keys to screw them back in. i'm wondering how long till they wiggle out again this time. i had to go with a hub because i have a rear disc brake setup that includes a top hat adapter from kings motorbikes i think it is and a us choppers disc brake bracket on a beach cruiser. if this clam shell breaks off any more bolts inside it and i need to get another one and crazy glueing the bolts into that one doesn't work then i'm ditching the rear disc brake and just using a v brake with the chinese factory sprocket hook up.

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    In my experience, the Chinese bolts are all graded at 4.8 - these do not 'come loose' they stretch to become larger & need more tightening (until sometimes they break). No kind of glue will stop this. I've been using grade 8.8 that I get locally and had no problems with them. I've even found some 10.9, but can't get them in all sizes needed.
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    i don't even know what those numbers mean. is that a metric measurement of the bolts thickness?
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    no, those numbers indicate the tensile strength of the bolts - higher is better
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    The Live Fast hub is a good design, I can't help but think you may be over torquing the bolts, or not tightening them in sequence . BMX chain should be the same pitch as the live fast sprocket. The Chinese chain is dismal, at best. Pirate Cycle has a nice hub, it indexes easily, has only 3 sprocket bolts to tighten, and allows # 415 tricycle chain . Both hubs are propriatery, and their sprockets don't fit each other .

    I recommend using Loc Tite Red on the hub before installing clamshell, I'd also use RED on the clamshell bolts. Use Loc Tite BLUE on the sprocket bolts, in case you want to change sprockets later .

    Pay attention to index, measure to ensure wheel is concentric with hub, a little bit off results in a jumpy chain. Get it right before loctite dries, than let sit overnight, loctite will fully cure, and hold fasteners tight. It's no magic potion, you still need to check bolts for tightness, in my experience, it's prevented countless vibration loosening problems.