Lo buck Belt drive

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    I have something very similar only I used a toothed belt on the motor to prevent slipping. I built a board track bike and the motor I am using is a brushless running puting out 1400 watts( read directly off my watts up meter)peak and running around 350 watts at 25mph. I live in florida so the ground is pretty flat so battery life it pretty good around 20 miles on 36ahr of SLA batteries. The frame is customized from an old 10 speed. I am going to run back and forth across an overpass to see how it does on small climb. I have attached a photo I think.

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  2. professor

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    Jason That is totally cool. Very creative. You do need more than one brake though. Welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Have not needed it so far the speed control has motor braking but I am not using it cause it uses power. Most of the stopping is done with the front anyway and there is room to add a rear brake if I decide I need it.
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    Welcome to MB. Really Nice setup ya got there.
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    Welcome to the forum!
    That's a different kind of V-Twin you got there!
    Let us know how it works out, ok?
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    Welcome jaeconsult...very interesting, enjoy the ride! That bike looks really comfortable, next to that Toyota...Cheers!