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    First off I will say that any fenders I mount will be reinforced and rivets replaced with good bolts, and regular inspections carried out.

    I have found these fenders in Germany
    fenders.JPG fenders2.JPG

    shipping sucks so looking for another source for the same design/style, any finish is fine. a local mb'er has them in chrome, but he said they came with the bike. I have looked quite abit, the usual (amazon, ebay, local bike stores) and none that match this style.

    anybody out there see these in their surfing, or just know a place please let me know.

    thank you

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    Your photos gave me an answer that I've been looking for!

    You see, I've been pondering for a while how to get some fenders together that have a more 'retro' look than the typical fenders we can get from Amazon and such.

    So I've been picturing the typical duck-tail fenders and imagining how I might add some more surface area in order to get a good wraparound fender. Fiberglass? Nah...obnoxious to work with. Bondo?...kinda heavy. Maybe just wrap some cheap tarp over and down plus build some kind of wire frame to hold the sides parallel to the wheel? Sounds complex with only slight possibility of something good.

    But those pictures.......maybe take standard duck tails and then cut out some 'wings' to fold down parallel to the wheel. Perhaps wings made out of sheet metal. Or perhaps the plastic from those 'totes' or bins that you get at the dollar store.

    Bolt them to the fender and fold them down. Paint to match. If you want a real smooth finish, then Bondo the overlap and the bolt heads.

    I think this would make a great fender at little cost or complexity.

    Thanks, man! Now I've got another project to work on. And it might just make my next bike just a bit more cool.
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    well happy to help, they are a rare fender apparently so fabrication might be the way to go. but I'm too lazy for that at this point.
  4. MacZulu

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    certain norco cruisers have a vey similar design, so I'm trying to track down norco parts. but it's still proving to be a pain.
  5. If you have a 26" google Wald. Made in America and for the quality, hard to beat.
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    I'm having a build done that will be picked up soon. Rear fend has same curvature and shape as those in photos. The fenders came off of a Fit 7 speed beach cruiser. You might photos of this bike==saw a photo at bikebuyers.com .