Looking to make friends with mb riders in South Central Nebraska

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    I should be moving to Nebraska, Franklin Area, Franklin Co, south of Kearney.
    Initially all I may have is a motorized bike ( mountain bike with engine kit applied as of June , this year , while I wait to move from Upstate NY.) I will be saving for a 150cc Roketa MCR-16K-150 though.
    Sorting out license procedures, permit and motorcycle safety course will take me some time but I look forward to meeting anyone in the area who has an interest in scooter riding on the by ways of Nebraska.

    I will be exploring State Park Historical sites as soon as I can do so, travelling the by roads, including minimal camping efforts and extra gas. I also like to fish and will be getting into hunting once all that is sorted out too over time and I am very interested in photography, horses, small homestead efforts, antiquing, and vegetable gardening.

    I am an older, female veteran and my son and his generation are either veterans or active duty still. When they return to North TX in about 18 months, I will gradually be heading there too.
    Yep, I know it snows and stuff out there. Believe me I know how that is, but you actually often have better weather in the warm months for riding, than we do here in upstate NY. I have longed to get back out west for a long time.

    I want to research the history of Nebraska very much for my writing purposes and it is enjoyable to me.