Magneto Breaking HELP!!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jezzmonster2012, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. jezzmonster2012

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    I've been through 2 Magneto it under a month I don't no what's going on the just stuff up? Am I riding to hard or? Idle is to high I do not know someone please help

  2. BigBlue

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    Breaking? or just not working? I assume you mean it stopped working. The ignition system consists of two magnetos - the magneto coil and the magneto rotor. I am going to assume you mean the magneto coil when you refer to the magneto.

    How do you know the magneto is faulted? I assume you are not getting spark when grounding the spark plug ground electrode to the engine head and turning over the engine.

    Many times, corrosion is the cause of the magneto failing, especially if it gets wet or sits in a moist environment. Another possibility is one of the wires are broken. You can't look at it and visually judge whether it is good or bad. You have to conduct some tests that are easy to complete if you have a mult-meter.

    Another possibility is that the ground solder joints are cold, even though by appearance they look good.

    Here's a Google Doc that will help you in your troubleshooting:

    Easiest thing to do first, is to disconnect the kill switch to make sure it's not grounding out.

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    or using that silly white wire as the kill switch rather than hacking it off and wiring kill between blue and black...
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    a loose main on that side can kill coils too