Magneto coil differences

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    OK here we go with my first question. Reading about testing CDI and Magneto and keep hearing about testing to the white wire. I have a BGF T80-G2. Will not fire........... mild spark to plug Carb working multimeter ohm
    kill switch disconnected CDI Blue and black leads only: Blue Pos / Blk Neg = 2.5 Blue Neg / Blk Pos = 0 Blue Pos/ Plug wire Neg = 12 Blk Pos / Plug wire Neg = 6 Magneto factory wiring have not been changed. Blue Blk leads no white Coil Blue to outside Coil Blk to outside and juctioned to Ground all reading = 0 Is Blk wired correctly? Nest trouble shooting step? thank you

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    Your problem is you bought an engine from Boy Go Broke selling engines like that.
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    I would not buy a bolt from that rip off trash he should be removed from eBay.
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    Got one thing to say about that, a little late but ya I did learn.
    Going to build the wife one next bet your a** it will not come
    from them.
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    I found out about boy rip off the hard way as well.
    It almost cost me $165.00, if not for Pay-Pal and eBay getting my money back from that piece of trash ripe off scammer ,it would of cost me the whole $165.00.
    I did end up loosing $22.00 shipping back to him.

    He sent me out a engine that would not start regardless of what I did refused to even answer my emails
    I did my best to work it out with hi I,m sure I could of fixed it, if he would of just responded to my emails.

    He thanks he hurts people that leaves him a bad review on eBay by blocking them from buying from him.
    I myself would not buy from him even if he was 1/4 the price.
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    I make a point of not buying anything from E-Pay but BFG did have some NT carbs for cheap when I needed them a couple years back. As for motor kits all I buy are Skyhawks, over 50 so far with little problem so it's all I use.
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    it was my first build and I did not know any better.

    As far a eBay I have never got taken off eBay I have spent thousands and 1000+ purchases.
    From .50 to $1200.00
    In that time I have had 2 different sellers try to rip me off in both cases I won and got my money back.

    I was told how safe Amazon was and to always buy from them first , but found out the hard way if Amazon does not sell it (you buy off Amazon from 3ed party)
    Amazon does not cover those purchases got taken for $35.00 to find that out.
    So ebay has save me thousands and made hundreds of dollars off a few thing I purchased and resold .
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    Millions of people love E-bay, millions more tweet, have 'smart phones' that suck as a phone and watch reality TV shows too, I am just not one of them is all ;-}

    I did like E-bay when it first started, it pretty much went to hell for me when when all the books about 'How to make MILLIONS on E-bay' came out and it went from person to person to business, from then on I pretty much just use Craigs list or deal directly with distributers.
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    To me it real simple I'll give you and example my microwave went I wanted to replace it with 1 that was an oven/microwave combo .
    I checked Sam's club Wal-Mart's sears and even craigslist , the best deal I could find was on Craigslist $600.00 I did not have $600.00 so I checked eBay and found the exact same one straight from the kitchen Aid factory $200.00 shipped for that kind of savings I could wait a week for it

    To me I just can not see paying more for something I can get at half the price.
    That's why I use eBay you would be amazed of the factories , companies and dealers that are on eBay.
    it been my experience anyone you buy from it's business all about making a buck, if it over the net or person-person.
    And with craigslist you have 0 protection eBay 100% covered, not even Amazon can say that.

    O by the way I don't have a I phone, way out of my price range, I don't watch fake reality TV, and I have never sent even 1 tweet.
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    thank to you guys I did not get taken by him thanks