market for stretch MB's?


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Apr 24, 2007
Coventry, RI
I want to churn out a few of the bike you see below, but I'm not sure what kind of response I'd get. especially after just practically giving away a bike for $375, because it sat in the garage for a month. :eek:

i built one like this for a friend in tucson a year ago, (it was SWEET! :devilish:) and the thing is with these, there's quite a bit more tweaking/aligning/and some welding. plus, the 70-spoke wheels mean redrilling all sprocket mounting holes, and cutting rubber spacers out of steel-belted conveyor belt. may not seem like too much of a nightmare, and it isnt....just takes up valuable time (which is always in short supply :p). stretch cruiser MB's can turn into a two-day fiasco. :sick:

since im not able financially yet to buy wholesale, retail w/shipping for both the bikes and motorkits to me, come up to $564...unassembled.
because the box would be ungodly big and heavy, shipping finished MB would run about $150. now we're up to $714. thats without giving spunout anything for assembly. your opinions, do you think it might be worth it, to slam a couple of these together, or.....?


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well -- that is a nice looking bicycle

what type of motor would you be including ??

sure would be nice to ride that thing Mountainman

i'd stick with the standard 2-strokers. 70cc, i'm sure.

they are comfortable

i just dont want to have a bike sit around forever, waiting to sell. been there.
I'm very impressed by your talent.
gracias. i have to take that compliment with a slice of humble pie..... 5 years ago, i opened up my first motorkit box and looked at it. then i took it and the bike, right to my buddy, jay. "when can you have this done?" he said "4 hours." i said 'make it happen'.:LOL:

i got some info from 'the other place' that i think would be good info for anyone....first, use a less-expensive stretch cruiser. then, see if the distributor would put my company name on the shipping label, thusly, using them to drop-ship it directly to me. thereby bringing the price down some.