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  1. Dan Hunter

    Dan Hunter Guest

    I was purchasing my daughter a motorized scooter for Christmas and became enamored with the Visa engine/transmission combination based primarily on the chain drive. I spent the rest of the year on the remote tour designing a bike that would use that combination and this is it. Final drive works for lighter people but I'll be rebuilding the rear tire with a hub combination that allows the engine to attain a more suitable rpm. Also, I'm replacing the water bottle tank with an aluminum tube tank (aiming for an early Harley appearance).

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  2. alesterfeind

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    Wild bike

    That's cool. I like the triangular shape. What kind of engine is that? I bet that really gets some looks.
  3. Dan Hunter

    Dan Hunter Guest

    It's a honda GX31. I have a Robin engine mounted to an older version of the visa gearbox that has an internal freewheel which will allow a fixed left side drive gear rather than a ACS southpaw. The fixed gear will allow better gear reduction and the Robin has more power. I'd like to start commuting on it instead of the thirsty (42 mpg) FXSTDI.

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  4. Alaskavan

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    Very nice. Welcome to MBc.
  5. How's that engine mounted? Looks like it's just floated on there by looking at the pic. Nice ride. Any closer shots?
  6. Scottm

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    Welcome to the group, sweet ride.
  7. drimpact

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  8. Dan Hunter

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    The Visa gearbox bolts on the horizontal plane - four points. I considered a rubber mount and will likely go that way but I wanted to ensure that the driveline didn't walk around initially. I built the frame myself and built a jig to precisely align the frame from the bottom bracket to the rear axle. Included in that portion of the frame is an engine mounting plate to add extra rigidity though the next frame will use bungs and an aluminum adapter plate to allow more flexibility in layout.

    The pedals exist largely to achieve the holeshot. After that, there's enough forward progress to keep from smoking the clutch on engagement.

    What do you want a picture of exactly?

    By the way, I love the site and the concept of minimal power and maximum efficiency with acceptable performance.
  9. Dan Hunter

    Dan Hunter Guest

    The pedal drive side uses a teflon rod through mounted on a bolt. Hardly as efficient as an idler gear and wildly expensive but I live in a small town and the relative cost against a geared chain tensioner is small. The actual frame design is still a chalk stain on the floor of my garage. I'd wanted to sell them but with foreign pressure and copyright problems, I'd rather give away my plans.
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  10. Alaskavan

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    How about creating a thread about your bike in the picture gallery. I'd like to see/hear more about it.
  11. gone_fishin

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    yep, that's one interesting motoredbike you have there, & i'd sure hate to see that good tech-stuff get lost in this forum...please start a topic about your ride in "general discussion" or "wild in the streets"...and we'd love to see a "picture gallery" too, if you wouldn't mind :)

    welcome to MBc :cool: