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just for kicks

I got my engine installed last sunday and it all went well.
I just stuck it on my old mountain bike for now since that was the easiest to hook it up to right now.
The front frame tube is fat but I just held an 8lb sledge to the frame and tapped the other side with the 4lb'er until it fit the engine mount and then bought some longer bolts.

The tires on that bike were dry rotted where they had sat on the ground so I got new tires and I want to grease the axle bearings on this cheapo bike before they lock up and throw me.

It is a fun thing to motor around on and everybody has to take a look. :D

I did have a few issues:
first there were a few washers missing from the hub adapter(fell out of box during shipping) but not a problem I just grabbed some from my metric nut/bolt storage tray.

Next was the fuel filter, it got crushed a little (broken) well no biggie there since I had a new filter laying around.

really nothing else after that I did have a hard time starting at first and the wife laughing at me didnt help. :( I showed her when I came motoring by though. :D


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Sep 30, 2006
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8) It is a pleasure to hear success stories, this is about the third I've read where things went according to plan, and especial congrats on gaining "tinkering" experiences !!!

Take a bow Mr. Kicks !!! :D

I hope this sets a MB.com trend. Be patient during the break-in period, engines get better with a few miles under the belt and/or chain.

just for kicks

Thanks guys.

This site has been very helpful.

I just need to get the bike itself up to the task.