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    Has anyone had anything to do with making money using an ad trailer?


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    yep, but not on a bicycle, on a scooter.

    its fun.. different style of riding though, slowing down and stopping for yellow lights, generally being obnoxious and holding up traffic :)

    in the right areas, get a few advertising contracts, it could be a real money spinner.

    you get to meet cute girls, talk to strange people, you dont have to be anywhere in particular(unless the client says so, in which case...grin and bear it) and its generally pretty cruisy. nice to see people stop and look, smile, laugh...whatever...

    no idea what the company was making per job but i was being paid $25(au) an hour to simply ride around... their fuel, their bike, their rego...

    a bicycle will have way lower fuel, no rego, no parking tickets, no speeding fines, no traffic, no cops...

    shame it was so sporadic, so instead ive just started as a courier, and one week in...i love it. strange places, new places, find out where all these little suburbs are and the backstreets etc... and the receptionists at some places... oh my! rawr! at the same time, some of these shopping malls etc are just ludicrous. i never want to enter a shopping mall again after the other day...
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    Thanks for your response...
    There is a book on the subject.....
    New Strategies for Jobs and Business
    Richard Pawlowski

    Problem with the book it does not get down to the brass tacks of what is required
    to do this.
    It lacks details.
    I could write a better book than that without even doing it.
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    best thing to do is make yourself a trailer. you need a wide wheelbase for stability, which can be a bit awkward when you forget... wheel chair wheels or those "jogging prams" provide the much needed hubs with stub axles, or modify an existing trailer. weight? alloy extrusion and pop rivets. if it works for aircraft, it will work for bike trailers.

    stick your own sign on at first, "advertise here".

    aim low at first, hassle trades people, bike shops, take wads of business cards to hand out while stopping for break... sure, you may be poor for a while but stick with it and it will get better. nothing says you cant have three or four jobs on the same long as none have "conflicts of interest"... ie, a pc shop, a bike shop, and a plumber, a signwriter... give the sign writer the big discount so they will do your signs cheap, charge the others $500 a week...

    wind is a factor, try riding over a bridge (sydney harbour in particular) on a windy day... of course, that wont be a factor if you are on a pushy. unless youre in chicago? (that is "the windy city", isnt it?)

    on that note, i cant see the logic behind solid billboards when you can get those banners made of mesh that let a large portion of the wind through but still remain easy to see.

    getting the contracts themselves is probably the biggest hurdle to overcome. you do have to put personal factors aside, i dont particularly like coles, but that was who i was advertising for. of course, i had no part to play in getting the contract.

    backlights would be a bonus, some places only seem to come alive after dark.

    a comfortable, stable bike is a must, i personally would be looking at a recumbent trike with super low gears.with some type of canopy perhaps, and definitely some type of storage compartment for stuff.

    you may have to spend a bit to get started, but hey...try the local bank, maybe you could get a loan AND a contract simultaneously!

    now you got me thinking... oh dear.
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    Thanks HeadSmess, I plan on using my MB simply because it is its self a head turner and can cover a lot of ground.
    I bought one of those trailers from Wike and we will see how it looks.
    They also have a larger one.
    If it works good I will buy 4 more and hook them in tandem.
    I can not build them for $99 and look as good as they do.
    The banners are looped on top of the bar and contain a small pocket on the bottom to hold an aluminium rod so they won't flip over in wind gusts.
    I ordered a banner printed on both sides to use as an example to attract business from
    The price on the banners is less than half ($59.00 delivered) of what the local print shops want.
    It is a very cheap venture with a nice tidy income potential.
    It should be an easy sell to pizza, realtors, special events, etc.
    If you or your girl friend are handi at graphics design then you can become a dealer for Bannerbuzz and control the whole show money wise.
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    $99? thats real cheap. darn tootin you couldnt beat that for a home build!

    other festivals, shows, those types of high pedestrian activity. you really get to choose your own hours and places, depending on clients.

    also, when in busy areas... DONT use the engine! better to be polite and deliver a GOOD image, rather than annoy people, which does the exact opposite.

    use it just as a method to get from place to place, which is still advertising, of course :)

    remember, you want the SIGN to attract attention...not the vehicle pulling it around!

    when i did it, we could pull up outside a cafe, sit there for an hour...getting paid, still advertising... ha ha!

    oh. one last thing. provide photographic evidence that you are actually doing the job for the client. the way we did it was when you stopped at a familiar set of lights, and knew the sequence, you would jump off, run a few metres away, and take a picture, with as many pedestrians included in the shot as possible... then hop back on just in time for the lights to change :)

    or mount a go-pro type thing on top. even better really.
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    Where I am at most of the riding would be in traffic and just touring around residential neighbourhoods so noise is not a factor especially with a 4 stroke with factory exhaust.
    Vancouver or Victoria they might frown on a gas bike but not out here.
    Certain places might require an electric bike but not many.
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    thats the have to target areas with lots and LOTS of people.

    but on a bike, you can go into parks, open area shopping malls, plenty of high visibility locations...legally.

    courtesy, respect and politeness are the major keys.

    give it a go, thats all i have to say now. give it a go!
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    Trailer 1.jpg Trailer 2.jpg I got my trailer today.
    That was quick....REALLY QUICK!!
    Sent Friday and I got it Wednesday.
    I'm over 3000 km away.
    I was blown away by the quality and finish.
    Everything nicely anodized with holes drilled in the right spot and stainless nylock bolts.
    Push button to remove wheels.

    Even the box it came in was nearly indestructible.
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