Anyone try a modern giant build?

I actually love wood working. I especially love making pens.
Like animal pens? Or writing pens? Back when i was a smoker i used to love making pipes and bongs. Not so much now, martial arts stuff, yep. Making speakers and cases for electronics, and rack cases seems to take up plenty of time.
I put a CG motor on these bikes. I know they are aluminum and it's a shoe horn fit. The blue one is a 29er with a 19 inch frame and the black one is a 27.5 with an 18 inch frame.

I wouldn't recommend doing it, just saying it can be done and they both work great. Steel is the way to go.
Any dramas with frame crack/other rot?
Here's one way to test the welds:

Here's my china doll sitting in my surly 1x1. Mine is too old to have disc brakes but most 1x1s have disc brake and vee brake mounts, same for the surly troll. Look around on marketplace and craigslist. Check the used bikes at a bike shop, there are tons of good bikes out there.


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15 minutes of scrolling found all these


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15 minutes of scrolling found all these
Yeah. I have a pile of steel frame s**tters at the workshop. Great things. Short top tubes, no rake, just two triangles and a diamond. Solid stuff. Great. I dont really want any more steel frame trolleys, i am after some bent top tube sully, klunker frame, pre war schwinn style stuff, like a worksman cruiser, or a state bicycle co Klunker.

If i want a good steel frame modern bike with rear disk brakes i can source a surly or something else, but this build...

It would be interesting to see what a Giant frame can do since only a hanful of people have tried using a modern bike as the base.
I like not having battery fires. We have enough fires here. Sorry, but no. No electric. I will give petrol motor a redhot craic. I have one build at the moment with a 50mm downtube and i have built a custom mount using a 340kg AV lighting clamp...

Not here for easy. Love a challenge.
Scared of a lil lithium-ion fire? Man up!
What are you trying to get out of the giant talon? Its just a mid level cross country bike. Off Road handling? Low weight? Do you want it to be assistive or just twist and go?

You've only really said you want it to be gas and a modern bike.
I want to know what it's like using a later model frame to bolt the motor onto.

I want a bike that performs well. I dont know what you call off-road, as all of these are only supposed to be used off road only, and that could be two things 1.tracks tracks

So if you mean dirt roads and a bit of mild single track, then sure. Yes i want it for off road.

It goes without saying i will ride it around town and go wherever i need on it, regardless of the interpretation of how legal it is.

If you mean stump jumpin' then, nah- not so much.

I want to know if anyone else has given 27.5" hubs a crack and how i should approach having a drive and a diskbrake sprocket.

Just doing my research, ya know?

So far i have heard how aluminum is basically tofu, and that it's not worth it. Which is probably why i see so many felt faker builds. Not to mention a few youtubers giving it a go on specialized frames and huffy's etc. *cynical remark*

I would be using a klunker as a base for my builds and i would even be making my own frames if things where different.

But seriuosly in Australia for steel frames that have a bit extra built in for mods like these You have three options.
Old cheap junk,
Beach cruisers and lo-riders
And hand filed frames.

There arent any bent bar cruisers, worksmans or pre war schwin klunkers.

So, i think my tastes wont be met here doing this and after a few go's at doing this i am going to move onto actual motorcycle parts and custom frames.

I have seriuosly considered spending the next build money on setup for a full frame jig, pipe notcher and a mandrel bender.

Becuase the aim at the end for me is a v-twin pushbike. Like what Joe Petralli used to ride. Or what they raced at brooklands....