Anyone try a modern giant build?

Like this or lengthening the frame? A drop loop could also work. The 1.1/8th really opens a lot of doors though. Same for the canti bosses on the rear, avoids having the sprocket and a disc brake so close. Grease on your rotor and abrasives on your chain, awesome!

I suppose i could drop loop it, it has the ground clearance. Lenghten for sure. Going to cut it, may as well improve while i am doing it.

Keystone brackets give better ground clearance and use the engine as a stressed member of the frame and allow more diverse insertions.

Hydraulic cantilever would be amazing. Sure is a much better idea than using a disk hub.
It still has the problems of potentially overheating the rim, and making the rim a consumable, albeit a long lived one. Got to be careful in the rain. But its the rear and I don't think anything bigger than a 6 hp stationary engine will fit anyhow.

The biggest problems the rear disc brakes have is contamination from the chain on the rotor and dust from pads on the chain, followed by restricting the size of sprocket to smaller than the rotor.

Its not a bad way to mount a sprocket however.

I know there are 7 hp 79cc predators, and 20hp stage infinity 212s, but those are time bombs. Stationary engines are made to run at 2.6-3.8k for many tens of hours not 7-9k for tens of minutes.