mongoose mini beast

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    i picked up a small 20" mongoose bmax , its a pretty cool fat tire bike with 4 1/4" tires . my little brothers birthday is coming up so i figured why not.
    i needed to get the engine in there some how so i cut it up and re-welded everything slightly to the left so the chain had clearance and the top tube to the right so the head has clearance. i also welded on the chain tensioner and routed the engine chain under the left chain stay. i had to make a gas tank since the stock one wouldn't fit on the frame with the new bars so i took a camping stove propane tank and recycled it
    a monster energy decal set from the dirt bike shop and a blacked out 66cc from pistonbikes and shes up-n-running

    stock mongoose bmax.jpg crappy quality mini.jpg PC120042.jpg . PC120047.jpg P1231012.jpg P1231013.jpg PC120044.jpg

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    Dude, that's some serious frame modding! Nice job! :)
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    thanks I really wanted to keep the engine in the normal spot. I am also building 2 normal sized 26" mongoose beasts using this method P1231001.jpg