Moped GP May1-3 2015, Grange rcwy. CA

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    I just spoke with JN motors one of the promoters for the Moped GP, May race at the grange.

    This is the first Moped GP that is going to be run. He really stressed that it will be a fun race that will be organized professionally. He also stated that there are future dates that will include Portland and Seattle.

    Race fee $5

    Some quick rules:
    There will be transponders issued for the races. Scoring, Lap times, and mph will be provided.

    4 strokes will be welcomed. They will have a 212cc limit.

    2 strokes 100cc limit.

    Electrics are welcome

    All motorized bicycles will have front and rear brakes. The Front brake will be disc brake required.

    All motorized bicycles will have bicycle tires only.

    All motorized bicycles will have catch bottles.

    Motorized bicycles that do not fit in the "china limited class" will run in the unlimited moped class.

    This includes morini's, case inducted "China", 4 strokes.

    No internal gears (motorcycle)

    Motorized bicycle will have cranks and pedals.

    Motorized bicycle must be able to propel with engine off.

    Overnight camping and reserved pit stalls available

    check website for more info and registration
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    Only 31 days to the first race in 2015 at Grange Motor Circuit
    is on Sat March 28th. :)

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    typical post from a no class promoter
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    2 more sponsors added to the event:

    Sick Bike Parts
    Spider Grips

    Piston bikes
    Sun motor bikes
    Bike berry
    Dumonde tech
    Trail tech