Few "tiny" problems


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11:43 AM
May 19, 2023
So my 2nd built motorized bicycle has passed 2000km without any major issues. Actually really impresed on how it lasted even this long since my first bike broke down after about 950km. Yesterday i took it on a 250km trip with a friend who rode a moped. It got me home just fine. This was however the first time i rode in the rain for a long period of time since we didnt expect it to rain. Today i decided to do a complete service on the bike (wheel bearings, true the rims, brake pads and also check all of the engine bolts, change spark plug and grease everything)
When i opened up the magnet cover about 20ml of water poured out! The gasket is fine so i suspect it came from the red grommet. There was no rust on the coil or magnet so i guess i will seal it with RTV.
Another thing i noticed was that the crank has 1.26mm of in-out play (measured with a caliper). Is this a big issue since i dont recall it having play when new or if it did very little... not sure tho.
While i have the magnet off i will change out the crankseals.
I replaced that red grommet with one I matched it to at the NAPA. That is alot of end olay, and I personally would suggest tearing down your engine to shim the crank and check to see if nothing important is failing. If this is too much, maybe you could buy a new engine and run this one until it's gone. We can give you alot of good advice to keep your bike running for a long time.