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    Well I have done quite a bit of reading on here and have heeded many warnings that I really feel has saved me from some disasters. I went through the motor today and used Lock tight on everything, replaced the spark plug, air filter, I also took the cap off of the stock exhaust and drilled two extra outlets then cut the tip off inside and out. The extra exhaust holes made a great sound. After I finished everything I went for a test ride to see if my efforts would pay off and boy did they. The bike is screaming now, well it was, after about 15 minutes of terrorizing the neighbors I was running WOT and I started to lose power, then it came back and lost power again and so on. I would let off then get back on the gas and everything would be ok for a short bit. Then a full throttle run down the street and POW POW BAM, I wasn't sure what had happened but the chain popped off, so I peddled back home to fix it. Upon arrival and closer inspection I broke the rear motor mount, the clamp side, the motor shifted a little to the side, the spark plug wire came off the CDI and I am pretty sure I bent the rim. I feel I came out ok considering. Now my question is, where can I get a new rear clamp with the bolts, they came out to without paying $9 shipping for a $2 part and why would I lose power at the top end and then it would come back. It was not 4 stoking either. I appreciate any help. Oh I forgot I did put ½ oz of acetone in the gas to.
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    darn it

    was this a new motor ?
    Or one that was already broke in?
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    I am on tank #6 and started at 16/1 and then went to 24/1 on tank 3 and just went to 32/1 on tank 5. I did same tweaking on the carb and got that right, I think that because of the extra power that I got I may need to adjust the float to get more fuel in the carb. It is pulling real hard now and have probably gained 8 to 10 mph from what I did.