motored bicycle laws in Georgiain

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    Hello all,My wife and I just moved to Atlanta a few weeks ago after spending 6 years with the US government in Europe. Although I was licensed to drive there, it may be a good while before I can get my licence here stateside squared away.. Can any one tell me fairly accurately how the law reads for driving a motored bicycle (gas) here in Ga.? The way I understand it from a reliable source If you are motoring around on an electric bike such as a top of the line mountain bike from Spooky Tooth your OK weather have a license and registration or not but I am not sure about gas. Thanks!!

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    Moped Defintion
    Any motor driven cycle with an engine not exceeding 50 cubic centimeters (3.05 cubic inches), or
    two brake horsepower, that can propel the cycle at a speed not to exceed 30 miles per hour (MPH)
    and does not require clutching or shifting. The cycle may be equipped with two or three wheels and
    with or without foot pedals to allow for human muscular propulsion.

    Motorcycle Defintion
    Every motor vehicle having a saddle for the use of the rider and designed to travel on not more than
    three wheels in contact with the ground, but excluding mopeds. All motorcycles, scooters,
    minibikes, and motor bikes are considered motor-driven cycle.s

    Moped Registration
    Mopeds are exempt from the provisions relating to the registration and licensing of motor vehicles

    Moped Licensing Requirements
    Must be 15 years of age and have in their possession a valid driver's license, instructional permit
    or limited permit

    Georgia Standard Instructional Permit Requirements
    Applicants must be at least 15 years old and be able to pass the eye and knowledge test. When
    driving, there must be a licensed driver at least 21 years old in the front seat with him or her at all
    times. The permit is valid for 24 months. Parental consent is required for applicants under 18
    years of age.

    Additionally, you may not apply or keep a driver's permit or license if you withdraw from school (if
    you are under age 18), have a total of 10 unexcused absenses or have certain conduct infractions.

    Class M - Motorcycle Instructional Permit Requirements
    All applicants must pass an eye test and an examination of motorcycle knowledge. An issued
    Class M instruction permit is valid for 6 months, after which time the applicant may return to the
    issuing station and take a road test. It is not mandatory for a Class M license applicant to obtain a
    Class M Instructional Permit before taking the Class M examination. Restrictions for a Class M
    instructional permit are the following:

    Must be at least 16 years old and have parental consent if under 18.
    Motorcycle operation in daylight hours only.
    No passengers allowed.
    No limited access roadways.
    Safety equipment as prescribed by law.
    Moped Traffic Laws
    Operators of mopeds must wear protective headgear (motorcycle helmet).
    Operators of bicycles aided by electric power may wear a properly fitted bicycle helmet instead of
    an approved motorcycle helmet.
    No tag is required.
    Every person operating a moped upon a roadway must obey the same traffic laws governing
    drivers of motor vehicles.
    May not use limited access highways or other roadways where the minimum speed limit is above
    35 mph.
    Wherever a usable path or sidewalk designated for use of bicycle riders adjacent to a roadway has
    been provided, bicycle riders shall use such path or sidewalk and shall not use the roadway.
    Persons riding mopeds upon a roadway shall not ride more than two abreast except on paths or
    parts of roadways set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles.
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