mountain bikes and morini motors

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    does anyone know if there are frame adapters or engine mounts to put a morini motor in a v frame mountain bike. ive been checking out the motors and they look awsome but theres not enough info on how to mount one. the ones ive seen they say its a centrifical clutch -is the chain drive set up like a china motor.
    if it might be feasible any info would be greatly appreciated

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    Good question....I have been thinking about the same thing BUT ultimately I think the mounts may have to be custom made or adapted from something else....Also, unless you have all the other parts handy (gas tank, throttle, sprocket, mount for sprocket etc...) it may be best to buy a Chinese center mount engine just for those may be able to sell the engine (Chinese one) after taking the other needed parts and get all or most of your $$ back!....Just a thought...

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    U could always mount up a Stage 2 Pocket Bike engine good for about 4 HP which can be bolted on either by using the holes around the clutch or the 5 underside bolt holes.
    I got 2 now on two different bikes & cant stop smiling (geared to hit 55 mph).