My 1st Project...

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  1. TheJadedFool

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    Well after wanting to do this for years I have finally started a Motored Bike...

    Here is the stock bike and where I am so far... =)

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  2. srdavo

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    I like it !!!

    that's a very cool transformation.

    Is that a 24" front tire & 20" rear?

    Is the rear wheel a coaster brake?
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  3. TheJadedFool

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    The Mean Machine

    You are correct on the wheels...

    The front is from a OC Schwinn Chopper and the back is a 20" Alloy... needs new rubber... something more "street"

    The rear is a BMX freewheel... so no brakes as of yet =)

    Having a blast!!! I am sure this will not be my only one!! lol

  4. TheJadedFool

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    If anyone has any low cost ideas for me that would be great... I needs some brakes ( obviously )... I have lots of parts... but the mounts for the brakes are for 26 inch tires... I am a running a 24 in front and a 20 in back... As of right now I think i will attempt to come up with something that can bolt on acros the forks and attach the brakes to that...

    Back to the hardware store...
  5. TheJadedFool

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    Progress and Setbacks...

    Ok... so i snapped the petcock off in the gas tank... wow was that little thing a POS... =)... Picked up a tap and such and hope to get it fixed tonight...

    But on the upside!! Check out my new forks... and I also have a kewl new back tire... treads are in a flame pattern... =)

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  6. motorpsycho

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    personally, i liked it better with the other forks, but that's just my opinion.

    let me give you a tip from experience...go back and put the 24" rear wheel on it (or 26" wheel, whatever it had on it in the beginning) will be A LOT happier in the end.
    with a 20" wheel and a 41-44 tooth rear sprocket, the motor wil be screaming at 22 mph.
    i have a 20" bike with 20" wheels, a 41 tooth sprocket and a 21" tall rear tire. the bike tops out at 24 mph, and the engine is just screaming at that speed. i can just cruise at about 15 mph, but the rpm's are still pretty high at that speed.
    I just finished an o.c.c. chopper, and it too has a 20" rear wheel and a 41 tooth sprocket. but, the rear tire is 24 inches tall. the difference of those 3 inches of tire height makes a TON of difference in the gear ratio, and you will get more top end and lower rpm's while cruising at 15-20 mph.
    the taller the rear tire, and the bigger diameter the rim, the more top end you will get (with a 41-44 tooth stock sprocket.) the shorter the rear tire amd smaller diameter rear rim, the more bottom end torque you will have. you could always keep the 20" rim and drop to a 38-36 tooth rear sprocket, but those sprockets are

    the easier way to get more top end speed and better cruising rpm's is to go with a taller rear wheel & tire with the stock sprocket. the gear ratio on these engine kits and sprocktes was designed for 26" tall wheels & tires, and that's why you hear so may guys saying that they can cruise at 32-35 mph with no problem and get 40-42 mph top speeds with all the stock parts.

    so by putting a 41-44 tooth rear sprocket on a 20" wheel, you are lowering the gear ratio a ton, and killing the top end. think of a drag car...they run low gears in the rearend to get the peak rpm's and horsepower for a 1/4 mile. anything more than a 1/4 mile and the engine is just wound out. they run like 4-11 to 1 or taller gears (big numerical #'s like 4-11 to 1, 4-88 to 1, 6-10 to 1, etc). now think of your every day car that gets 33 mpg and runs @ 2000 rpms at highway speeds. part of that is due to overdrive in the transmission, but also the final drive gear ratio, which is a higher gear ratio (lower numerical #'s like 3-23 to 1, 3-08 to 1 2-73 to 1) so your short back wheel & tire is making your gear ratio # go up, and making it geared lower for bottom end torque. change the rear wheel to a taller one, and you will make your gear ratio # go down which will make the gear ratio higher for more top speed and better crusing rpm's.
    trust me, when you get it done with the 20" wheel and 41-44 tooth sprocket, it will climb hills like crazy, but you will not get much top speed out it...maybe 24-26 mph tops.
    this is just my opinion, and i am not a specialist about gear ratios. i just know about this stuff from what i experienced with my 2 bikes and from owning and running a few drag, i'm a big time gear head and hot rodder.

    ** i did have colons between the gear ratio numbers at first like they are supposed to be writen, but the colons were inserting all kinds of icons instead which made this difficult to read***
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  7. professor

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    Brakes- I couldn't see them in your latest configuration but, I welded the V brakes nubs onto forks and it was fine.
    You have to have them oriented the same as when you cut them off an old fork. Also, someone posted about a plate that changes caliper brakes to V brakes. This plate can be bought and welded in place on a smaller wheel.