My 4 Stroke 196CC Build

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    Alright I posted this over at MotorBicycling but I thougt maybe I can get more feedback on this site as well since I know this is not going to be an easy task. Here's a link:
    And the text from the opening:
    So I'm ready to move past my runs with 2 strokes and join the world of the 4 stroke. I've got a Schwinn Searcher that looks up to the task and should definitely have enough room to fit this engine. It is aluminum so I'm not sure about welding it or how exactly I'm going to do that so far. I plan on purchasing the $200~ build it dupor that has some upgrades and also buying a #35 3/4" CVT. I'm not sure if I'm getting a jackshaft for further gear reduction or just a massive sprocket yet. Also need to look into exhausts and a disc brake kit. I plan on swapping the rims for some higher density ones and otherwise I'm not really sure what else I'm missing or how to go about this. I hope to order the engine by Monday and have it assembled by next weekend. Hopefully I'll have ordered my CVT and other parts by then and I'll know if this Schwinn will work if I'll need to go find another bike. Let me know if you've done a large engine build before or have any ideas on how I could mount it I'd appreciate it. I know I need a billet flywheel, but I intend to take it gentle at first for break-in and take it easy until I can afford one. I'm really hoping to keep this under about $500 if I can use this bike.
    I've since bought a CVT (in shipping) and have recieved my Dupor 196cc engine and I just need to build it up. trying to find a bike as the searcher doesn't work and the Micargi I was looking at disappeared. So now I'm on the hunt for a steel cruiser. Probably end up with something that's vintage. Weld a plate and mount onto that.

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    I think I'll be buying an electra cruiser. Looks nice.