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    Ok. So here are a couple of pics of my 2 ponies. The Black Racer with the red pinstripes is a 49cc set up from Anyone know anything about that site? It's gone now. I'd be curious to know for how long...Anyhow, It is now outfitted with a front brake caliper. I also turned the coaster brake into a free coaster after it tried to break my ankle when it failed. I upgraded the ignition wire and plug when it wouldn't start after having it only a couple days(ended up being a loose exhaust keeping it from starting) And I've added some baskets and all the hardware has been replaced as the previous owner was a bit hamfisted (but a decent builder) and it was all pretty well stripped. (seems like he was a good mechanic but not used to working on such cheap hardware)

    ~btw- If anyone recognizes what type of frame it is I'd appreciate the info!:D

    Now Blue is a 1983 Huffy Good Vibrations which I restored a while back. It looks like it was made to motorize so when I found a good deal on a used 80cc kit, I jumped on the chance. The pic below shows it at 90% finished as I broke my arm the day after I got it fired up for the first time. Some broken motor mount studs from an even more hamfisted previous owner than the Black Racer helped me learn that True Value has all the hardware I need for these builds, though. (I do wish I would have known that for my first bike as I ordered stuff off the internet and it was considerably more pricey than what I got at the store!) But I'm quite happy with how its turning out. The best thing I did for either of them was decide to run the Kool-stop Eagle II dual compound brake pads. Even with only a front caliper on the Black Racer, it stops exceptionally. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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    btw...Flo-Jo has a 31 mph top speed and is quite a bit louder than the 80cc set up on Blue. I don't have any speed numbers for Blue yet though.