My first build nearly complete

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by magrider, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. magrider

    magrider New Member

    I just wanted to show my "rat" as it nears completion. I've run 2 gallons through it and it rides like I want it. although the seat needs to be changed out, my back aches with the full rigid setup, that will come as $$$ permits. I only need a few bolt ons and a new rear wheel complete with disc brake and it's on to bike #2

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  2. nsxcorvette

    nsxcorvette Member

    Dang I do have to say that's a nice one! awesome job!
  3. hurricane

    hurricane Member

    very nice looking build,but it does look extremly uncomfortable to ride more than a mile . But you sure will look cool in that mile ride :)
  4. Chris Crew

    Chris Crew Member

    nice work
    can you post a photo that details the seat post arrangement?
  5. magrider

    magrider New Member

    it isn't the most comfy so I had to change the seat which helped a great deal. I rode to work today 8 miles one way. the new seat helps soaks up the bumps, no hills, all flat. what really kills me is my hands go numb from all the vibration.
    I can get almost 20 miles with that tank

    I wanted the feel of the 1970's cafe racers
  6. professor

    professor Active Member

    Guys here have filled the handlebars with different (usually heavy) media to dampen the vibes. Bike looks great. But my body wouldn't take that position for long either.
  7. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    sometimes form over function is the way to go.
    it's better to look cool than be comfortable.
    That is one cool looking bike, and i think the cool factor makes up for the uncomfortable riding position. I'd ride the heck out of that bike!
  8. skrufryder

    skrufryder Member

    I like that bike...I like that set up.. not uncomfortable position for me.........why not use the tank that came with the kit
  9. magrider

    magrider New Member

    everybody has that tank. I wanted something different and imo looks much better
  10. magrider

    magrider New Member


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  11. magrider

    magrider New Member

    what kind of stuff do they use? I'll do it
  12. Ursus

    Ursus New Member

    What type of tank is that? It looks like a coolant overflow tank?

    magrider, I have heard some use lead shot or sand others use tiny rubber beads
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  13. magrider

    magrider New Member

    it's a Jax jr. dragster tank.
    i'll try the tiny rubber beads, any idea where I can purchase them?
  14. prof fate

    prof fate New Member

    Very, very nice bike. Flat black with a touch of red.Sweet.
  15. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    You'd be better off loading the handlebars with the smallest size split shot you can get in a sporting goods store, or even bulk BB's such as are used in air rifles.

    It is the vibrating mass that absorbs the gross vibration transmitted from the engine. BB sized metal shot will add significant mass to the handlebar tube, each shot is free to vibrate against every other shot around it, and yet they do not pack down into a solid mass as sand can readily do. Rubber shot can be obtained at some sporting goods stores, but they just are not as effective.

    I use the same principle for a floating bed for my scroll saw - it cut the saw's vibration by about 75-80%, using surplus Mardi Gras plastic beads in the box under the mounting plate.
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