Need a source for "old man/step thru" bikes


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Picture 1 was a short-lived Eureka moment, from Copacabana Bikes. Made of steel, and a steal at $94.99, not painted hot pink or banana yellow...then I saw the kickstand placement and wondered about the rear forks....Before ordering two right off the bat, thought I'd ask you folks if you know of good "step-thrus."

The second picture is sort of what I have in mind, from Amsterdam, found in Wiki:

I want a cruiser, with lowered top tube, painted in neutral colors. Nobody I've checked has a reasonable priced model ($250 or less).

What the heck do old men ride in retirement villages???

Jack got a kit 8 months ago, had a small stroke and couldn't climb his stairs to the second floor. Now he's gone from 275 pounds to 240, can climb again, and all his vital signs work.

His bike ? A Workman "step thru" purchased for $2 (two dollars) with a tree growing through the forks. Not many of those laying around, and I have no patience for 8 week waiting for a bike.

I need two bikes, like YESTERDAY !!!

I want to sell bikes to tall old geezers, I know 5 off-hand who would buy, who can't lift a leg over my regular bikes, and I need assistance in finding suitable options.

I want new bikes that can be duplicated, not "one of a kind" heritage e-bay finds where every bike takes a new learning curve.

Forget Schwinn, forget Sun, I've looked.....


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I want new bikes that can be duplicated, not "one of a kind" heritage e-bay finds where every bike takes a new learning curve.

Forget Schwinn, forget Sun, I've looked.....

Where's your sense of adventure? ;)

hahaha j/k
I like the "one of's"

seriously...the cruiser in the pic has no-name parts, only a coaster brake. you'll need to upgrade & add a front brake.

look at this, on the same site....

v-brakes....shimano 7 speed...kenda tires..... and its a cool looking bike.
imho....this one would be worth the extra 50 bucks.

also, my recumbent is low to step over & super comfortable!!


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Thank you Dave.

And you are offering me the recumbent for "how many dollars less than $250?"
Or does $250 include shipping? Money order be OKAY?

But I was hoping to find a bike with the lowest toprail possible, I noted your choice came in Vanilla, but below they then below they push PINK as the only option.

I don't even know if Triumph, mentioned in the Wiki article, still makes bikes.

The Sun Ladies is similar, let's see if this thread gets longer with as many "geezer guy" bikes as possible, end up with something with the same clearance as a skateboard !!!
bama....ha ha ha....250....good one!

I'm thinking about motoring this one for myself.

too bad about the color. vanilla woulda been fine
*bumping* cuz I ain't finding....

just ordered a lemon yellow ladies 7 speed, would much rather get a dignified "step thru" in the upper range of masculine colours...maybe a purple or a gray.

Murray used to have "geezer step thrus" there no alternative nowadays except these neon pinks, yellows and light blues ??? Sheeeeesh.
Thank you Esteban !!

There is a 7 speed ladies on that site, it says 8 to 10 colors are available in the description (then only two colors on the order dealio ???).

There is a link on there to something called BikeSutra, which has ALL the manufacturers (except SUN??) listed, I'm going to do a bit of chasing down tonite...

Thanks again
Search is solved

Well, the bike I was looking for was right under my nose.

When I went to pick up that yellow Sun, a bike was in the rack, not sure if its a 2008 model, because it doesn't exactly show up in the Sun online catalog....there was a little quarter post on the bottom part of the frame, that doesn't show up in this Sun pic.

Anyway, I think it will work, it comes in red and gray, supposedly shorter folks can reach the ground easily, and has curvy handlebars like I want.

MSRP- $289 for seven speeds (and I guess all the other models are the same price)


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I LIKE this bike

It's called a Sun Comfort Rover, costs about $275, a tad more than the Retro 7's, but I really like it so far.

It is a step thru, comes in 3 colors, coaster, 7 and 21 speeds, and while I'm partial to the 7's, I just might enjoy this 21 (we will see when I try it out for hill climbing, no diff on the prices).

The design puts the seat post tilted back a bit, so if you are flat footed on the ground, it is the perfect height for peddling. Kind of "low ridery".

The handlebars have that extra peice that allows more positions.

Shock absorber seat post is STANDARD EQUIPMENT, a $20 value.

The pedals are 1/2" longer than the Retro's and 2 other bikes in the shop, about 8", more comfort for taller riders.

Quick release on the front wheel, dunno about that yet with respect to a basket.

Fenders can be added later......

The tires are 1.95 as opposed to Retros 2.125, but my bikeshop guy puts the punctureproofs and Mr. Tuffies in at assembly, and a narrower tire is easier to work with on GEBE's anyway.

All in all, I'm giving it a tentative B+ on first inspection.

Oh yeah, Paul at the Peddler says it is IDENTICAL to a Diamondback model, for $60 less.


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