need help finding a quality intake manifold

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    I have a 58cc motor that comes in the phantom edition motor kit. So far everything looks great except for the intake manifold. it looks like it made of a cheap pot metal. i want to double tap for dual boost bottles so im looking for a quality machined intake. I have searched endless sites for this. For some reason the normal bolt spacing is 1 1/4 inch, I need a bolt spacing of
    1 9/16. also an offset or angle would be perferable because of the motor angle.
    Hopefully someone out there will know where to find such an animal.
    This site is great for info, thanks out there for your help.
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  2. loquin

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  3. richirich1113

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    unfortunatly creative engineering and there suppliers are out of stock.
    i just checked, any other suggestions?
    Thank for the help,
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    I'd love the billet intake for the boost bottle that creative engineering makes and there suppliers sell but they don't ship to Australia :(
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    show me a pic and i might pull out me mill ;)

    oooh, i gotta upload that video... :lol