need huasheng 49cc carburator needle reset settings plz help asap!

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    hi, i have a v frame mounted huasheng 4 stroke 49cc engine kit on a mountain bike. and i bought it off a mate for $200 AUS. the only work it needs is a tune up, i gave it my best tune using the rich/ lean screw on the carby, its a lot better but it's still sluggish at takeoff and doesn't revv as hard as it should. all i need is the reset setting for that lean/rich fuel mixture screw on the carby, if you know the reset setting for that screw please let me know asap as i use this bike to get to and from school, thanks, josh! any help is appreciated

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    need help selecting a sprocket??

    i have a 4 stroke huasheng bike kit, i have a 44 tooth sprocket, but the hill climbing isn't great i have used bigger sprockets but they all reck the spokes no my wheel, the only sprocket size that won't reck my wheel is a small, 44 tooth? does anyone know where i can get a complete rim/wheel with a hub mounted sprocket
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    The screw settings are somewhat variable, they can be anywhere from 1.5-3.5 turns out. Turn the screw all the way in lightly and count 2.5 revolutions out.
    That should get you in the ballpark. Your engine might like less, it might like more. Sounds like right now it needs more, but resetting is def a good idea.

    As for your gearing, it would help us to know what ratio gearbox you have and what kind of bicycle (single- or multispeed) it is. Posting a picture of the right side would help!
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    sorry for the late reply, and thanks 2.0 turns out runs great, as for the gearbox, i took off the casing and theres a twin chain on two gears, i am currently using a 44 tooth sprocket and it does about 40+ kph, its not very good at hill climbing should i use a 50 tooth sprocket. and most importantly i need a new clutch, can i use a clutch to suit one of those 49cc mini kids dirt bikes off ebay, as the clutches appear the same in photos, thanks
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    how do i start a new thread:

    hi I'm trying to find out how to start a new thread on this forum, all i can do at the moment is reply to my existing threads, plz let me know hot to start new threads