Help Needed ASAP

I have a razor c35 and after a tough tumble on my pedal bike I can't ride it anymore. The small wheels and steering geometry make it super squirrelly and it scares me too much. I got a little more confident on the bicycle again but I don't think I'll ever forget the fall.

Thread 'Take it easy in the corners.'

Here's a picture of a scar I got from road rash. The meat was wore down until my pores looked like goose bumps. :p

If you can get past the miniscule range provided by a 36v 5ah lead acid battery(3s1p) it was quite fun. 35nm of torque doesn't sound like much but its a lot of oomph on a 40lb vehicle plus me(175lbs or so.)


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AH...The "cloakedvillain" has now


Here's a picture of a scar I got from road rash. The meat was wore down until my pores looked like goose bumps. :p
Just one of many "battle scars" you will acquire throughout your till ya get
Im trying right now to calculate what the top speed could be but I'm not able to find the rpms for the gdrasuya 49cc 2 stroke. What do these engines usually range from rpm wise?
Hey y'all, I'm working on my first project ever right now and need some help with understanding my gear ratios. So I have an old razor e175 frame which I am planning to mount a Gdrasuya 49cc engine off of Amazon. The rear wheel has a diameter of 5.7 inches and has a 47-tooth sprocket attached to it. The engine comes with an 11-tooth sprocket on it. I'm using a 25H chain for it too. I am 190lbs so I'm hoping this can push me. Is my gear ratio okay? Will I burn the clutch up? Plz help
Many people in full safety gear cripple or kack themselves every week using wheeled objects that are inherently safer - more controllable etc. than the thing you are looking at making. Please do not build this machine. Your talents can no doubt go far & be fun building and using something else if you give the matter of different projects some thought. Again, please do not build this thing.
That video says it all for what is very dangerous about these motorised scooters...Thanks for finding this

Yep, and this video is what the youtubers don't post because they don't want you to see the bad that can happen.
I was chuckling from the beginning. What could go wrong with that? Hope no one got too hurt. That saying, Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth, comes to mind. At least they had helmets on.