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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by pferraro07, Mar 31, 2009.

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    I Recently Put My Kit On A Pacific Central Park Cruiser, When I Was Putting On The Sprocket I Noticed That I Cant Put The Black Spacer Arm Back On That Goes On The Hub. I Am Having Some Issues Now, First Off Sometimes When Im Braking The Pedals Jump Forward Fast, And When I Get Everything Tightened Down And The Bearings Snug, After A Short Time It Has Play In It Again. Is This Piece Crucial To My Brakes ? Maybe I Just Need Some Washers.....or My Bearings Gone ......??..............

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    Are you talking about the arm that connects to the frame as well as on the hub? if so then that's why the pedals are shooting forward under braking.
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    Yes, It is crucial.

    The piece I believe you are talking about is called a "reaction arm".

    The attachment of the reaction arm to the frame is very important.
    A common cause of coaster brake malfunction is failure to properly secure the reaction arm after removing and re-installing the wheel.

    If the bike is ridden without the reaction arm being properly secured, the arm will rotate downward, it can loosen the left cone on the hub. The result will be a shaky wheel, and an increase in the amount of reverse pedal travel required to activate the brake. If the arm isn't fitting snug like before adding the sprocket try removing the small dust cover over the hub and that may give you just enough clearance for the arm to fit over the axle and in its place better.

    This can also result in a very tight left axle nut. Instead of trying to turn the nut. First, tap the reaction arm back into its original position and try and loosen the nut.

    More details on coaster breaks is available here:
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    ok, I will try that, so could that be why every time i tighten the hub bearings and then ride, it immediately has lots of play again ? I put washers in to make up for the lost space from the reaction arm, but still same result.Thanks for the advice....
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    No prob, just put that reaction arm back on and try it again.
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    Thanx a bunch i took off the dust cap and got the reaction arm on now, everything is way better, still working out a few kinks, will post pic when done.............
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    Good. Glad to hear it!

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    hey just for your benefit i would seriously consider getting a new back wheel and adding hand brakes...

    i started with a coaster brake.. which is the type you have.. and it used to do that same thing... and i took it apart and found that braking from such force of the engine caused the back brakes(coaster) to get demolished... literally blew apart from the inside...

    they arent meant for the force involved... especially "cheaper" bikes.. i nearly killed myself cruising along when it locked up.. the last time..