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  1. thatsdax

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    I am running the new DAX Titan 50cc 4 stroke. IT is a Fantastic 4 Stroke. It is state of the art. Super Quite, Super Smooth, And Super Fast ! I hit 41.7 mph yesterday with a 36T. I have almost 1000 miles on it. My valve cover gasket was leaking but I did the valve adjustment and replaced the gasket and now it is tight. Engine weighs only 12 lbs or so. Auto Clutch is wet with 10 T power take off. This set up is compact and super reliable. Runs cool since it it wet clutch. There is no other Engine Carrier like this one. This Engine carrier puts carb to the front and Exhaust to the rear. This is a superior set up for sure. Allows you to keep your right hand on throttle while pulling with your left. This is the ideal set up. Drive is chain and mounts using standard rear sprockets same as for the 2 strokes since the drive is on the left side. Carrier mounts in such a way that the bike can have solid or quick release axle for the rear. Currently still testing this new setup. I would like to have 2000 miles on this setup to make sure reliability is good. So far at almost 1000 miles, no problems at all, except the minor oil leak. Factory over torqued the valve cover and squished the gasket out. As soon as I get close to 2,000 miles, and all is well, then I will sell this special 4 stroke with unique carry system. Parts come from USA, Japan, Asia, and Europe. Most parts are from USA and is assembled here in USA. The Carrier system is all USA. Made in USA !!! This is a very exciting break through in small engine power with carrier system. This system is so new and great that it is certified by US Copy Right Office and Patent Pending. There is no other system quite like this one. I am loving it and at almost 1000 miles now I look forward to racking up a ton more. At the Current rate of progress and testing, I am confident this system will be offered for sale in the next 5 to 6 weeks. Not sure of the price yet. I am Guessing somewhere between 300-400usd. If I can get enough of them built, I am hoping the price will be lower towards 300usd. We shall see. This is very very exciting !!! I am loving this new 4 stroke !!!! Wow !!! Enjoy the ride !!!!

  2. Hey dax, thanks for the reply. 41.7 is a pretty impressive result. is your gearbox 1 speed, did you engineer it? Is the power plant a DAX built motor? Do you own the thatsdax retail website?
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    It is a company website

    Yes sir. I did the website . It is straight forward and to the point web site. nothing fancy. It was important to provide product as well as support to products sold on a web site. It is form that follows function. I am more into providing a quality product and support than anything else. I love testing and finding new and exciting things that go on wheels !! I am CEO and VP as well as lead engineer here at Dax. I have been at this company for 18 years now. CEO and VP for around 10 years. I do most of the testing of all new products. Company perk . I get to do all the testing. O yes. Since I love what I do.. Not sure if I can call it work... I have been testing and selling engines and such of all kinds since the 1970's. I guess that is dating myself now.. oh no.. anyway.. I enjoy what I do. I enjoy making my customers happy. Making my customers happy is Job 1. Enjoy the ride..
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    o yea...

    Yes.. It is single speed. I did not engineer the Auto clutch. I can tell you this. It is a new design and is very good. I did design and Engineer the Engine carrier around this new motor and super compact Auto Clutch with 10T PTO. Right now, I am having my Team of Mechanical Engineers CAD up the Carrier so we can test it using both steel and Alloys for testing and then production runs. It is interesting how Mechanical engineers are drooling over my Carrier and Power transfer design. The Smile they have on their faces after riding the bike.. They say.. wow!! That is fast and smooth.I can not get them off my bike !! When I do,, I take off on it and do not come back for hours....... They know I am an Electronics Engineer and they are impressed with the simplicity of the design and the efficiency of the power transfer. Keep in mind I was a Power engineer building both Engines and Generators to PTO units for many many years. Long before I procured my Engineering Degree at Metro State Denver. I guess I did things backwards and the hard way. Same way I learned to fly Gliders. I guess I am a little thick headed.. o well.. I am rambling on again. Forgive me.. Enjoy the ride....
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    Thanks Dax for the encouraging news on a possible reliable 4 stroke alternative! I will be looking forward to updates and yes pricing. Can you report on the fuel economy on that 4 stroke equipped bike?

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    DAX Titan Prototype Pictures


    I would like to see some pictures of your DAX 4 stroke Titan prototype if possible.

    Dr. J.
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    :cool:I'm glad i held off buying the new 4-stroke units. if Dax works out all the bugs, i will seriously consider buying a Titan.

    Dax, what is the Engine Carrier?

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    Dax, VERRRY COOL! Thank you for your vision, work ethic and business rock th' house, homey! I, too was planning on two more bikes with 4-stroke power.... but, the feedback about th' engineering and over all poor quality of th' kits was'nt very encouraging. Keep up th' good work, and please send pictures!
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    alrighty-then, duane...great news :)

    i moved this set of posts into a "parts" topic...let's have no more public talk of prices, please, go to the dax site to conduct business...but please keep us posted on performance details & availability, dax.
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    New 50cc Dax Titan Cross Country Yes !!!

    Ok.. I am doing a review of this new engine and Carrier system. There is no Doubt I will be selling them. Currently the Engines and Auto Clutches are being manufactured. The Auto Clutches are what will take the longest to manufacture. These Auto Clutches are super compact and are operated wet, and are silent.

    The Dax Titan XC 50 coupled with the Auto clutch wet only weighs in at 12lbs. No kidding !! This is super light for a 4 stroke and wet clutch. this is Super light for any 50cc engine. These wet clutches are new and state of the art. Twist and go operation. Since it is wet bathed, there is no way to abuse it. Currently I have been riding mine 40-70 miles a day. I have gone 56 miles so far today. I went to Golden and back a total of 32 miles on that trip alone. Flawless run. Superb !! This new 50cc, 48cc to be exact, now has a little over 1000 miles on it. I am hoping to top 2,000 in the next 2 weeks . I will have to step it up a little. It will be close. So far the only problems I have had were a valve cover gasket leak, and Threw my chain once when I let it get too lose and swung a corner. I just let it dangle and pedaled home. That has been it. Changed my oil twice, checked valve adjustment once. I may check it again soon. No flats, or anything yet.!! Awesome !!! I really love this 4 stroke and I am excited for sure !!! Like a child at christmas !!! The bike I am using is a Cheapie from Walmart. It is the Next Avalon with front and rear suspension. For a cheapie bike, it is good for sure. Good brakes. Fair suspension. Good enough anyway. The front does bottom out sometimes and I can not find a adjustment to up the spring rate. O well. Does the trick. Hubs and bearings are good too. No clicking, no broken spokes, no bent wheels, I thought I had bent one today. But.. Just bottomed out the forks again. That is all. I can not say enough about this combination of motor config and the bike. Excellent combination for price !!! I will post this as a super combination on my web site.

    To sum it up. This engine is superb !!! Engine carrier design is a first !! There is no engine carrier like this one. Period !! It allows the motor to be mounted so that CG is perfect over rear wheel. This Carrier also allows the engine config to be such that the pull is on the left, throttle on the right, optimum for riding and then starting !!! also.. It puts the carb to the front and exhaust to the rear and pointed directly to the rear!! Awesome !! The motor is super quite and with this configuration, you can barely hear it at times.. No kidding. Super quite , super smooth, and super fast !! I have a 36T and this allows perfect loading at speed. I can run at 35 to 36 mph on the flats and the engine just purrs... I have hit 41.7mph but I have to admit that was on a decline wide open. I do not recommend such high speeds . but..I did it. The engine has enough torque to run a smaller sprocket, 34T or 32T. That might put you over 40mph. But.. I am in Colorado around 9000 feet and some big hills to climb so I will stick with the 36T. If I were to pull a trailer, I would stay with the 44T. anyway. I am rambling on. The Engine Carriers are engineered , designed, and manufactured in USA. Engine and Clutch are made in USA with parts from Asia. Engine Carrier alloy and steel is from? I do not know.. I will have to ask. Probably Japan or Asia Major. Not sure. I will ask. but..for the most part, Made in USA is the theme . Also what is Exciting is that once this is all complete and for sale. It will be very very affordable. I may offer Pre sales pricing to the first 10 or 20 Customers. They will get Discount pricing so that I can get 10 or 20 on the road and get more feed back !! I will have a love it or get your money back Guarantee !!! So.. Stand by !!! If anyone is interested in pre Sales purchasing. Let me know. I will get you on the list. This is my Guarantee !! You will love it or your money back !!! that is how sure I am of this new 4 stoke Titan XC 50 !! In one word.... Awesome !!!! I will have pics of the bike with carrier soon. By the end of next week. !!! Enjoy the ride......... O yes !!!!
  11. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    i know you're excited, duane, but one thread about the titan will have to do, m-kay?
  12. Alaskavan

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    Is the Titan a Honda clone? Is the cylinder plated or sleeved? Bushings, or bearings on the rod? I believe these issues would be important for someone wanting an engine to last for years.
  13. ibdennyak

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    Sounds awesome. I'm interested

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    Carrier means this is a rack mount, right?
  15. thatsdax

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    Mine is...

    I have not asked engineering what is in the motor. I will ask..then verify . I can tell you this. I have well over 1000 miles on mine. It is still tight as can be. Purrs like a kitty cat.... O yes........ Revs high. Very smooth. Great torque, and really fast with my 36T. I love this setup !! It is awesome !!! I have more coming soon.. 4 more. At a glance, this engine looks similar to other motors such as Yamaha, Honda, and Wisconsin Robin. But..This engine is its own. I could guess that the Manufacture has taken clues from other engines. Engineering is sound. Quality is first rate. Durability is excellent. This engine is for Industrial commercial use. This engine was designed for use on Transfer pumps and other industrial functions that requires high rpm , strong torque and can last . That is why this engine is more expensive. The 4 engines I have coming now were expensive. The Factory has informed me that if I buy a large quantity of these motors, they can give me much better pricing. I will then pass that savings on to Customers. I am not kidding.. This is an awesome engine !!! So small and light for a 4 stroke. It is just amazing.. Fast and smooth...Wow !!! I will have tons more information for everyone by the end of next week. Enjoy the ride...
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    o yes... Forgot..

    Carrier means rack.. This engine works perfect for the Unique engine carrier designed and Built in USA. This engine Carrier design allows for mounting on a bike with solid axle or quick release. No kidding. also.. What is great about this carrier is that it puts the controls such as rope start, carb hookups, choke, exhaust where they should be. Rope on the left hand, throttle on the right, exhaust straight to the rear, Carb and connections to the front, And..Since the clutch is wet, this allows for a much smaller clutch disc and friction plate profile, thus reducing horse power loss. That means.. More power to your rear Wheel where you want it !!! And..When you are talking about very small engines less than 50cc like this one, it does not take much to notice power increases. And.. You will notice the power on this set up !! In one word.. Awesome !!! I mean it !!! I love my new setup !!! Excited is not how I would describe it. This is a break through in Efficient reliable transportation.. Not to mention.. It is a Blast !!!!!! It is so fast and so smooth... Just amazing..... Totally......
  17. mickey

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    Any chance you could post a photo?
  18. vyzhion

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    pics pics pics (please?)
  19. thatsdax

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    Two more points about the Dax Titan and carrier

    Here are a couple of more exclusive points about the Dax Titan XC and its carrier.

    Point 1... The design of this carrier coupled with Wet auto clutch allows this engine to be centered over the rear tire perfectly. This makes for excellent balance and superior handling. All other carriers with engines you will notice puts the engine to the side and makes the rear end ( x axis ) off balance and effects handling symmetry. Having that weight hanging to the side is not the best. But with their designs, you have no choice....With my Original and Copyrighted carrier, Balance is near perfect !! Handling is great !! The X axis is not compromised. You still have the y Axis and this can be balanced out by having front fork suspension on your bike. so.. Getting a bike with front suspension is ideal. The nice thing about this carrier is, you can have a bike with full suspension !! O yes....

    Point 2... This Engine and carrier design has no "Transmission" no gears, no housing, multiple bearings with seals, not to mention that the gears used in those other guys transmissions are flywheel gears.. Talk about horse power loss !!! Wow !!! Not having all those gears, flywheels, bearings, ect ect ect, not only saves weight, but conserves horse power big time !! Also makes for a more reliable ride, better handling , less maintenance, better mileage, and far more quite of a ride as well. I have been getting 107mpg city. No kidding.. Enjoy the ride.. Live to ride !!!
  20. Alaskavan

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    I am interested in reading about this kit. I'm not interested in reading your opinions about "those other guys" products. IMO you're getting close to slamming the competition.