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    Dammit! Due to budget constraints, I can't swing the extra 119 + 50 shipping... I'd love to have a spare engine just in case... and I like the engineering improvements to the rotating assembly.
  3. Nice....I wish they'd offer a larger version too....Like a 70 or so.
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    what a good price!! I wish I had the cash to spare, too. not under-estimate the 48cc happytime. They are tough little buggers!! :D
  5. Yes, but I want a tough BIG bugger! ;-) HA

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    That slanted head takes up a little less room on the spark plug side to fit smaller frame bikes I suppose.
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    Sheesh! For that price you could have a whole fleet of the little buggers. I think I like the straight plug look a little more though.
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    The only difference I

    The head looks different . That is the only thing I see. Not sure if having the plug position to the side improves quench area or not. All my Moto crossers have the plug in the center. But.. Having the plug at an angle may help overhead clearance. But.. Would not want to have it that way if it hurts the quench area. Enjoy the ride..
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    Depending on where u get this engine from these improvements:
    1.Slanted spark plug
    2.Larger and stronger engine bearings
    3.Longer clutch arm
    4.Larger frame mounting points
    5.No intake manifold on carb
    6.Re-designed carb
    7.Rubber seals on carb
    8.Steel barrel sleeve
    9.20% more power(so they say)

    are a step in the right direction and can only improve the popularity of out beloved happy,Happy Times.
    If i had this generation 2 engine as my original project i might be tempted to stick with it a little longer but as it is now i'm hanging-out for Duane and any feedback his testers might offer about his new 4-stroke.
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    Just to let you know the steel sleeves aren't going to happen .... we this time with ours a factory got shut down for putting the coolant in the pond where the sleeves were being made and hence why the shipment is so far behind and I speak for myself who knows maybe they got there order in before me and got them and if so awesome its a real nice option wish we got it this go round but as for the rest its true but I did hear that the carbs are getting vapor lock from being to close to the head also I know its a sore subject that has been beat like a red headed step child but the 45 degree plug is for the EPA approval I'm no engineer but thats why they did it the nice thing is I was told it is reversible as well anyways thats that
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    Listing removed? Man I wanted to see it!
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    Check out the date on that old post that got dredged up
    Its Dec 7 months ago
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    hehe that would explain it!