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Dec 6, 2021

For those of you who don't know me I am new. So to introduce myself.

I always wanted a motorized bicycle like the old school original ones. My cousin kept pestering me to let him build a motorized bicycle and at first I thought I would just use one in my garage.

Until I discovered the Jessie James West Coast Choppers bike. My cousin being a construction management manager who can do anything with tools, spent 2 months building my bike. Every mount on my bike he had to custom fabricate with a grinder or a drill. He gained a sawhorse in this and payments more then once.

So after continuous nagging from me to get the bike done because it had gone on for 2 months he gave me the prototype . Which I paid a mechanic 500 to go over and fix all the minor stuff he could. Now the bike works and I'm happy and giddy to ride my bike around and see Christmas lights.

Some lady at the bank tonight mistook it for a motorcycle I overheard her telling her kids it was a motorcycle. Which it's legally not by Arizona state requirements. But it's been so much fun just riding it around that I went out riding on it 4 times today.


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Love your bike! I used to live out in Santan Valley, building monstrosities and riding them- moved out of AZ in 2010. I miss being able to ride on almost ANY day of the year! Enjoy the sunshine!
Nice bike, AZ is 2 wheel heaven for riding. Lived in the 2 big cities at different times.
Did AZ ever get a MB increased speed limit? I remember the late KC Vale trying to get that law changed. In AZ you could put a car engine on a bicycle lol as long as you didn't go over 20 mph.