New here from Massachusetts

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    Hello everyone.
    I'm brad, 22 years old and a resident of worcester ma. I've been into motorbikes for 2 years and am on my second build. I current have a 49cc 2 stroke mountain bike. Be on the lookout got a build thread coming soon! I look forward to bring apart of this forum. Thanks for viewing!
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  2. bmoney

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    Double post sorry
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    welcome i live near boston.ive built alot of the 66cc so if i can help you just ask..i might not know but i'll try..once again welcome......ride that thing
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    Thanks dro! I appreciate the willing ness to help. I've got a fair amount of knowledge about these motors but I'm always willing to learn more and share what I know also.
    Also you live near Boston huh?

    Happen to know of any meets or rides around the central MA area? Id love to meet up with some others who share this awesome hobby.

    I've also already got a build thread going in the frame mounted drive-trains if you'd like to see my curret ride...
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    Welcome...I'm a beaner from long time ago. Brookline. Dang I called myself a beaner...I guess that's not Politically Correct... Well I'm not, a politically correct person.
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    Thanks for the warm welcomes hah