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    I just joined. I currently have a Golden Eagle on my Schwinn Tornado. Now that I am in Spencer Tennessee, I will be riding often from Spencer to Sparta and beyond. Spencer is located on the Cumberland Plateau, Sparta is not. There is a 900 foot elevation difference. At my age, too much pedaling with the GEBE. I am upgrading to a Skyhawk, but am wondering if I should go with the 49cc or 66cc? There is both the power issue and the legal issue to deal with. Any input from others would be appreciated. Email address is:

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    IJ, let me ask you a couple of questions. That 900 foot change in elevation is across about 15 miles distance, right? But there are (to the best of my recollection, it's been more than 20 years) a couple of fairly steep grades, one pretty long one, is that correct?

    The GEBE should be adequate to the job, if you have one of the more powerful engines, such as the Tanaka 47cc, or the R/S 35cc that they sell. If you have the 25cc R/S I can see where you might encounter some issues. Of course, how much load the engine is pushing is an important factor as well.

    Having no knowledge of your mechanical expertise, I'll tell you this - the SkyHawk kits are fine, but they require a good bit more mechanical skill, and more regular preventive maintenance than do the GEBE kits, typically. Other than that, the legal issue is pretty much moot - as the engines SkyHawk sells are identical in outward appearance, so any decal will fit. It's very doubtful anybody is going to disassemble your engine and measure the bore/stroke to see if it is over 50cc.

    Welcome to the community, and feel free to chime in with questions, ideas, suggestion, or just commentary. Please use the search function before actually asking technical questions - odds are the question has been asked/answered more than once aleady.

    If you'd like to know just what the GEBE 35cc R/S engine is capable of doing, I'd suggest you go read the thread "My Long Ride". Augiedog used one to climb Mt St. Helens in WA state pulling a trailer, and since then has logged one heck of a lot more miles across some pretty bumpy terrain.
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    Thanks for the answer. The 900 ft is over about 3 miles. My GEBE engine is a 25.4cc engine, and all but the most mild hills require much pedaling. I was, until recently, an ASE certified mechanic all eight areas, so you can judge my expertise. But I am not a know-it-all, and am able to learn from anyone. Thanks for the welcome. I too, have a trip story, 330 miles from
    Spencer to Carbondale Ill in two days with the GEBE in Sep 2006. Rode the second day in the rain for 6 hours and cost me a belt, but had a spare.

    Now I am ready to upgrade to 12 gauge spokes to stop the spoke breaking problem. The belt on the GEBE is hard to keep aligned, even though I have followed the instructions on the webpage. When I get a Skyhawk, will probably sell the GEBE. I also made a throttle lock out of green stiff clothesline wire and sent one to Dennis at Golden Eagle. Have used it for 5 years and saves a lot of fatigue, but don't forget when stopping to disengage!