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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by dirtypaj, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. dirtypaj

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    Hi my name's troy, i live in adelaide south Australia. I've been looking at this forum for a while it's great. I've got a new Zbox build only done 100km's and having troubles. looking forward to your help

  2. fredie

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    welcome . alot of help here :grin:
  3. graucho

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    Hi Troy. Welcome to MBc!

    If you search and are unable to find your answers, don't hesitate to post your question. Someone will steer you to a link, or reply to your question. Were here for each other! Enjoy! :grin:
    You may have seen this, but here's a great MBc starter "link" to keep you motoring.
  4. djase10

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    Gday and welcome to MB.C
    the Info here should cover any problems,
    & these problems are overcome here.
    ask if you cant find.
  5. Irish John

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    Hi Troy, welcome aboard. Half the Aussie members seem to live in Adelaide - they even had a rally last summer. Adelaide's very own Bikie Gang!
    Look forward to hearing about your ZBox.
  6. jared3377

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    Welcome to the site! I'm sure you'll find all the help you need here (as I sure have!). :cool:
  7. screaming emu

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    Welcome Troy, I have met up for rides with several local riders in Adelaide that are on this site, as well as have the privellage to chat to people all over the world about bikes. Hope you enjoy and make the most of a great site!:grin:
  8. BoltsMissing

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    Welcome to MBc...,

    All the Best