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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by stephen52402001, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. stephen52402001

    stephen52402001 New Member

    Hello everyone.

    I am new user on

    This forum caught my attention when I saw there is a lot of conversation regarding to different kinda motorbikes.

    I am looking for my own gasbike or electric bike.

    Hopefully, I will find useful info shortly since I know nothing about motorbike:whistling:

  2. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

    This site has invaluable information for the 'gasbikes' but isnt really much help
    when it comes to electric bikes 'e-bike' You want to head over to the number one e-bike forum on the interwebs to find out the dirt on electric bikes

    Welcome to the forum and best of luck

  3. stephen52402001

    stephen52402001 New Member

    Thanks for your infomation Kim.

    thanks for your infomation Kim.

    actually I am looking for a 66cc Bike Motor Kit online.

    I compare some of the sponsor links on the left handside.

    But I have some questions and need opinions from someone really know about gasbikes.

    you information should be helpful to me. I will definitely check out the forum you show me and find more information there.

  4. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

    What country are you from? Might help with info for a supplier etc...

  5. stephen52402001

    stephen52402001 New Member

    I am in CA, US.
  6. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

    Ahhh kk...might wanna check the California laws IIRC they aren't too friendly towards motoredbikes??

    Best of luck matey

  7. stephen52402001

    stephen52402001 New Member

    Ha ha. That will be my other main concern.

    I know there is a law call, CARB in CA?

    I am not sure. However, I will definitely make sure I wouldn't get ticket on the freeway while riding my motorized bike. just Kidding :)
  8. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

    Im pretty sure its not even legal to sell the HT to motors in Cali...there are vendors there but they dont sell in state only out of state and online IIRC...

  9. stephen52402001

    stephen52402001 New Member

    I may wanna buy one and ship the item to my friend out of CA and ask he bring the product to me during X'mas.

    but the problem is, I am not even sure I can ride these kinda motorized bike in CA.

    Better do more research before spending my money on it.
  10. professor

    professor Active Member

    There was a couple of page long post on Ca. laws and there is a section in the forum on motorbike laws - state by state.
    My view is that Ca. riders have it made compared to NY or other over legislated places.
    Oh, there is also a section on vendor reviews. I do remember a Californian who did get a kit sent there. depends on the vendor.
    Welcome to Motoredbikes!
  11. stephen52402001

    stephen52402001 New Member

    Thank you professor.

    I found lots of info I am looking for in the law section as you indicated.

    Right now, I still see many people riding motorized bike on the street in CA.

    I assume I won't be pull over by a police officer and get a ticket. :sweatdrop:

    this forum is really good and I have got many feedbacks from different people.