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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by louishb50cc, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. louishb50cc

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    Louis from sheffield area 16. Ive recently bought and attached a cheapo bike motor off ebay and it works just as well as a branded one. Yay.
    So im on here to talk to PEOPLE who've also got the motors.:grin5:

  2. Fulltimer

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    Welcome to the group! You have a BUNCH of reading to do! So your in Sheffield huh? What state?:grin5:

  3. louishb50cc

    louishb50cc New Member

    No states over here!

    In the uk all we have is county's but in case your wondering its derbyshire.
    (very slack cops, Yay). Already done alot of miles to and from sheffield rode past coppers, other mountain bikers e.t.c they love it. Think the countryside must have a good effect.
  4. PatrickW

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    Since the police seem to ride a lot of bicycles in the UK and Canada to get around the narrow streets, perhaps you should offer to give forums (training sessions) to them on motored bikes for good publicity and friendship.(?)...hand out stickers. (That would work especially well in MBc sticker on one side of the gas tank, and a Looney sticker [print 'em the way you want 'em] on the other side of the tank. Ya think?)
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  5. louishb50cc

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    Ive aleready done it! :)