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    Hi everyone! My name is Kris K. I live in Saint Louis, Missouri. I have been involved with mechanics, engines of all sorts, motorcycles, cars, boats, go-carts, bicycles and things of these sorts my whole life. I am deeply interested in putting my mechanical abilities toward creating gas powered bikes. These look really fun to build to me, and I want to make them well built and reliable. I have been doing tons of research, and look forward to the knowledge you all have to share.

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    There's two building philosophies: 1) Spend the money for a quality kit from the start. 2) Buy a cheap kit, then spend the money to upgrade it. With these kits you get what you're willing to pay for.
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    Welcome aboard.

    I have a third philosophy that LR Jerry seems to have missed; cheap 2-stroke. Is it less-than-high quality? Yup. But I can make it work. And when I've squeezed just as much life as I possibly can out of one, then I'll give it a proper funeral and buy another one.

    They're so inexpensive that I don't even have to worry about the cost. :)
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