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  1. Scotch

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    I have built 2 bikes using locally obtained 7 speed bikes without any suspension and I am looking to improve on what I have.
    1) heat shield for the cylinder head (comes close to legs that are not covered)
    2) flat tires
    3) suspension

    on the above
    thank you

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    Welcome to the forum!
    Heat shield: First let's start out with what kind of engine setup you are running?
    In frame Chinese 2-stroke, in frame 4-stroke, High mounted two or four stroke?
    What do you have?

    Flat tires: Run quality tires with heavy duty tubes and a puncture resistant tire liner.
    There are many differing views on tackling this issue, but that is my take on it.
    Stay away from the "tubeless" foam tire inserts as they are too soft to use on an MB and tend to roll off of the rim during cornering. Rim and tire separation while in the middle of a turn at speed is painful to say the least.

    Suspension: A rear mounted friction, chain, or belt drive kit works best with rear suspension bikes. There are folks who have made their own suspension bikes with in frame mounted engines, but it is a custom made affair and not something really available "off the shelf".
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  3. Scotch

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    bike details

    I out of the country and built one bike which is a 7 speed beach cruiser and i used a 66cc motor which is chain drive and identical to the ones seen on the internet under various names. But i am looking to build 30 of these for a business and i need to get to the next level in safety and reliability.
    I would prefer to use a suspension bike as that is the kind of terrain we have but if a full suspension system isn't a good approach i would be interested in learning about the pros and cons.
    It turns out i need to do the following on this prototype
    1) heat shield on the side of the head
    2) wrap the exhaust
    3) pros and cons of a 4 stroke verses 2 stroke.
    4) best motor source

    Thank you all in advance for your advice and recommendations

  4. GearNut

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    Suspension bikes can be done with a shift kit, but drive chain strength becomes the problem unless the drive gears on the bicycle are inside a heavy duty multi-speed rear hub.

    1) A heat shield is do-able if it in no way blocks the air flow created by riding from direct contact with the cylinder. Prolonged sitting still with the engine idling may cause overheating faster than normal though.

    2) Wrapping the exhaust with header tape is somewhat common, although I recommend spraying it with a sealing clear coat made specifically for header tape in order to help protect it and the rider from abrasion. If any of the fibers from the header tape got stuck in a rider's leg or ankle somehow you may have a problem.

    3) The pros and cons between a 2-stroke and a 4-stroke can start a small argument between some folks here.
    The basics are:
    4-stroke: Pros: No need to mix oil with the fuel.
    Generally quieter in operation.
    Longer life span.
    More torque at lower engine speeds.
    Better fuel economy.
    4-stroke Cons: Heavier engine.
    Need routine oil changes and occasional valve adjustments.

    2-stroke Pros: Lighter engine, generally higher top vehicle speed (depends on gearing).
    Easier to work on.
    2-stroke Cons:Must carry pre-mix oil and measuring device with you to re-fuel at a gas station while out on a trip, or carry spare pre-mixed fuel with you.
    Pistons and cylinders wear out faster.
    Engine vibration is more noticeable as felt throughout the bicycle.
    4) Best motor source:
    Motors are usually found at many electric bicycle vendor sites.
    Engines burn fuel and can be found at many bicycle engine vendor sites.

    Read the vendor reviews section and decide which one sounds best to you.

    I have had very good service through That's Dax and Pirate cycles, but then again they are the only vendors I have had experiences with so far.