new to mb's and need help with my first build

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    hiya im 13 and lookin for help to build my first mb.
    i know i want to go with two stroke kit but i did my research and heard of a few guys who have terrible customer service and some come in broken or damaged. well im not to terrribly worried about customer service because my father and i could fix little odds and ends but what do you guys think are the best kits my budget is about 100 to 150 dollars i have a bmx bike and i am debating whether or not to purchase a mountain bike to fit the kit on. i just need overall tips and advice thnx guys..all info is greatly appreciated.
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  2. PatrickW

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    Hello there, Robbie & Dad...Welcome to the MBc. Honestly, I can't help you with a 2-Stroke kit, altho I know there are reportedly very good ones out there. My colleagues can attest to that. Personally, I stick with a 4-s-stroke..more torque, less noise. However, there are some fine 2-Strokes out there...Check our Two-=Stroke Forum, and General Discussion Forum. We have over 10,000 members...a lot of them real gurus in the field. So Read, Read, and use our search function. Plus, we have a plethora of gurus to ask. Good luck to you.
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    if your dad can weld you can make an HT fit a Bmx style frame. If not, you are much better off using a larger frame like a mtn or cruiser but thats just the easy way out IMO

    parts do come slightly damaged sometimes like dents or scratches in the gas tank but they are most often in decent condition.. you just cant be picky. as for your budget you might need a lil more i believe my HT kit was $189.00 with shipping

    hope this helps a bit.