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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by gointhedistance, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Hey everybody. I'm new 'round here and new to motored bikes but, I've ridden on 2 wheels all my life. It's been a dream to own and cruise around on a bike with a motor I've just never got around to making it happen. I'm looking to get into it and was just wondering if anyone here could recommend a bike+engine that I could order that isn't more than $500. I don't want junk, I just need a decent ride to start with. Thanks and I'm lookin forward to learnin a thing or two here!

  2. fm2200

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    Welcome to this forum, I'm just an average guy, not a big shot here. But this a great place to get started, If you make your own gas bike you could do it for under $500, buying one is like $500 and up to $4000. There are guys selling them for around $500 to $700 less shipping. If you live in a state where they require state approved gas bikes only, like NY, Ohio, to mention a few, then you don't have a choice. Depending upon where you live this will make or break your under $500 theme. So ask lots of questions and you will get information on this and many other matters. Good Luck