Newbie 80cc on kona Lava dome



hiya, i wrote more with pictures than this will be but i beleave that policy has limited my capabilities and deleted my previous intoduction...this said:

i am Lathan. 23 year old aviation mech student, ex-artschool student, (somewhat) "avid" bike rider.
i bought an 80cc chinese somthing or another....
This seemed like cheap transportation to a better job with less sweat than a pedal commute. I expected to take a friendly punch or two and a little hazing from a school full of powerplant guys. i recieved nothing but cheers.
Bike is still in its brake in stage and I am not sure what to expect as far as improvements. Seems like it is burning gas quicker than it should or than I had expected it to.
i'm sure this will work out. I got it running unanounced but with your alls' help. So thanks. This seems as though it may become a solid hobby.

Has anyone tried a side car? ....any suggestions, engine size for a couple of grown kids?
thanks, L :devilish:



Hi! Welcome to this fine board. Pics should be postable after 24 hours...Spammers n' all, ya know how it is.

Note: The Chinese/Russian engines seem to be a far cry from any aircraft piston unit. I'll get one to play with after the current project is done.

Hey! Why do radial engines always have an odd number of cylinders?