Newbie from SoCal, Thousand Oaks.

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    Hey all,

    About 5 months ago, slapped a Grubee 48cc GT 2 on the old Specialized
    StumpJumper HardTail with front suspension.

    Took awhile to get her to run, typical noob issues:

    Chain alignment, tension, tensioner, CNS2 Carb (****!), broken exhaust studs,
    broken exhaust intake port (lost material on one side, had to replace jug),
    air leaks, and then...

    SBP Ex Chamber!
    DAX RT Carb! YIKES!
    Spring Loaded Chain Tensioner (custom)!
    Boost Bottle (Noticable difference primarily in all range rev/smoothness)!
    Upgraded Chain!
    Ported intake/exhaust!

    Was running like a champ until the mag went out, 'cuz the woodruff key came loose and stuck to the magnet!, which threw off timing, and blew my

    Now I'm awaiting a Jaguar CDI kit! WooHoo!

    So, that's me.

    Happy riding!


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    Welcome to mb.c!